Automotive Repair and Maintenance Equipment in Poland

A Hot Tip about Maintenance and Repair of Automobiles in Poland

Posted on: 16 Mar 2010


Poland has a population of approximately 39 million people. Typically, Poles buy much smaller cars than Americans and tend to keep them longer. Diesel fuel engines are more popular in Poland then in the U.S. and unlike in the U.S., cars are almost exclusively equipped with manual gearboxes.


Over the last ten years the number of cars sold in Poland has grown significantly, with over 14 million passenger cars registered. The number of passenger cars is likely to grow to 16 million by the year 2010. Experts estimate that the Polish car market is capable of absorbing approximately 500,000-600,000 passenger cars annually.


After Poland’s accession to the EU on May 1, 2004, the duty for automotive repair and maintenance equipment decreased according to the EU external tariff. Subsequently, this has resulted in increased imports from the U.S.


The market for automotive repair and maintenance equipment has grown significantly over the past several years. This trend will continue as the number of cars registered in Poland grows. Investments by some of the world's major car manufacturers (Fiat, General Motors - Opel, Volkswagen) and soaring imports of used cars have significantly expanded the market for repair services. American repair equipment enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability and quality in Poland.


By Joanna Chomicka



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Posted: 16 March 2010