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Posted on: 15 Mar 2010


The Polish paper market is one of the most promising markets in Europe. Despite projections for global recession, Poland’s most recent paper and paperboard market growth statistics compare quite favorably with the rest of Europe. 2007 statistics report a 10-12% growth rate in Poland compared to only 2-3% reported annual market growth in most Western markets.


Poland’s paper market strongly correlates with the national printing industry, which is also currently on a strong growth path. The prognosis for the paper industry in Poland is optimistic – it is anticipated that the market will continue to develop in a dynamic fashion offering a clear advantage to U.S. exporters.


Market Demand

Although Poland is one of the largest producers of paper and paperboard in Europe, it is still far below average in terms of consumption. The average Pole uses approximately 50% less paper and paperboard than the average Western European in one year. Consumption of paper rises approximately 5% yearly, but Poland still ranks at the very bottom of the list (together with Hungary).


Folding boxboard is Poland’s top producing category. Expenditures on this type of packaging reached almost 2% of GDP in 2008. This compares favorably to other countries such as the USA, France, or Germany, whose rates are lower than 1.6%. Board packaging, especially folding boxboard, is a specialty of the Polish paper industry. It is important to note, however, that while expenditure on folding boxboard compares favorably to other countries, the consumption of this material is significantly lower than average.


The paper sector in Poland compares favorably to the overall European paper industry. According to Chief Statistical Office and Association of Papermakers, income from industry sales increased by 12.8% and costs increased by 11.7%, resulting in an overall profitability rate increase of 12.7%. The best economic results were obtained by small to medium sized pulp and paper companies with the number of employees ranging from 10 – 49 people and 250-500.


The value of the paper and paperboard market in Poland is worth approximately 5.7 billion USD. The current market growth rate of 10-12% compares quite favorably to other Western markets which offer only an average 2-3% annual growth rate. The Polish market offers an obvious advantage to U.S. exporters.



By Ania Janczewska



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Posted: 15 March 2010

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