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An Expert's View about Special-Purpose Machinery in Poland

Last updated: 26 May 2011

The Process Control equipment market is developing well in Poland and, in spite of the economic crisis, continues
to grow. For many reasons, it is somewhat difficult to capture market statistics through sources available to the
general public. Most of the large, well-known companies representing the process control industry have already
established their presence here and, since the nineties, have been active in Poland. They generally operate
through their own representatives or have distributors that market their products in Poland. There are no
significant barriers to market entry, and with a good distributor, a company is able to gain access to the Polish
process controls market without any trouble. The best way to learn about this market would be to visit a trade
event featuring process control equipment.

Market Demand
The Polish market for process controls equipment still enjoys good prospects for growth. It is expected that
expansion will continue for several years before the market catches up with other European countries. In the near
future, Poland will, according to government plans, continue developing its power and heavy chemical industries.
The automotive building materials industry will also create demand for process controls applications in Poland for
the next few years. It is difficult, however, to single out any particular type of equipment which would lead the
market in sales. However, it is certain that, due to the modernization of multiple industries that is being planned,
major purchasing of modern industrial automation equipment is forecasted.

Market Data
The process controls equipment market in Poland has been affected by the world economic crisis, as all other
markets also have been. During 2008 to 2009, Poland experienced a considerable decline in trade. However, the
results for 2010 show that the market is picking up fast. The number of inquiries and orders is growing. It is
expected that by 2013, the figures should return to the peak trade figures of 2008.

Polish manufacturers of process control equipment have relied on a wide range of clients representing different
industries. This helped to offset the negative effects of the economic crisis. While automotive industry clients
limited their purchases, other sectors, such as industries related to infrastructure, continued to buy process control

Best Prospects
• Electric drives for the chemical industry – according to a research done by Frost & Sullivan, the market for
electric drives in Europe has very good prospects. The report predicts that in 2015 the market should
bring USD187.6 million in revenue. The report covered the following technologies: AC, DC and servo
• Panel operators (Human Machine Interfaces/ HMI) are increasing in popularity. Additional applications of
this type of equipment also continue to grow. These types of products, one such example would a touchscreen,
are simple, easy to operate and can be applied even to parts of equipment that is used by general
public, as in cell phones. Panels can be divided into two groups: inexpensive, simple operator panels,
and professional, extensive HMI systems. In recent years a wide range of inexpensive panels for simple
applications came to the market. They replaced classic switches and simple LCD displays. Practically all
main HMI panel manufacturers added simple and inexpensive operator panels into their offer. Hence, the
market for modern HMI systems has developed simultaneously. Professional operator HMI panels
include a number of functions: PLC drive, professional data registration, remote access through www and
make it possible to work together with other pieces of equipment, i.e. printers, drives, etc. The application
of one professional compact piece saves costs and increases efficiency.
• Programmable Automation Controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers ( (PAC) and PLC) –growing
demand for energy savings, product control accuracy, higher infrastructure productivity and increased
security standards, are all forecasted to increase the market demand for PAC & PLC.

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Posted: 25 May 2011, last updated 26 May 2011

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