Printing Machinery and Equipment in Poland

A Hot Tip about Printing Services in Poland

Posted on: 16 Mar 2010


With over 38 million people, a record of sustained economic growth and a positive outlook for the near future, Poland offers a good potential for American suppliers in most industry sectors. Even though the Polish printing sector is already modernized and most companies are equipped to international standards, they continue to invest in the latest technologies to keep abreast in the highly competitive printing services market. In addition, the micro and very small printing companies, which currently represent over 90% of the market, are likely to consolidate and subsequently invest in new equipment.


Since EU accession in 2004, Poland attracted several investors in the printing services operations, which add to sales opportunities in this sector. Poland, in general a very pro-American country, might be an attractive gateway to Europe for suppliers of equipment.


Market Demand

The large and medium size printing companies in Poland continue to invest in new machinery, equipment and supplies in order to compete in the global market, especially the EU. The industry also has to meet the growing expectations of domestic consumers who, after Poland joined the EU in 2004, have been quickly getting used to high printing standards. The market demands the products which increase efficiency of printing production in terms of shortening the time of the process and limiting the use of energy, materials and supplies.


The market offers best sales opportunities for technologies which automate the printing process to make up for the growing wages and shortages of qualified workforce. The machinery and equipment for printed packaging is the fastest developing technology in Poland. In general, digital technologies are the future of the printing industry here.


In addition, there are also some opportunities for sales of after-market machinery, equipment and parts. Buyers for such products are usually looking for offers which include technical support. The demand for printing machinery and equipment is expected to remain high over the next few years. In addition, some of equipment replacements are forced by the need to comply with the environmental-friendly EU directives.


By Maria Kowalska, FCS Warsaw



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Posted: 16 March 2010