The Polish Apparel Market

An Expert's View about Textiles, Apparel and Accessories in Poland

Last updated: 13 Mar 2011


This report presents an introduction to the apparel and accessories market in Poland. It highlights a wide group of product categories including: HS 6101 - HS 6117, HS 6201 – HS 6217, and HS 6501 - HS 6506 representing outerwear, underwear, sportswear, hosiery and accessories.

With a population of 38.2 million people, Poland is considered a large, significant and promising European market for exports and investments. In 2009, the average gross monthly salary wage was USD 1,150.

The apparel market was worth USD 4,640 million in 2009. The total value of local production of apparel was USD 4.463 million, a 17% decrease over 2008. The apparel market and local production values were in fact higher when calculated in local currency. The difference resulted from a 30% growth in the USD rate exchange in 2009 over 2008.

In 2009, apparel imports to Poland were valued at USD 1.192 million, a 15% decrease from 2008. The largest suppliers were Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Exports were valued at USD 2.106 million. The top importers from Poland were Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine and Germany.

The key competitive factor for selling apparel is price, quality, functionality and brand recognition. Also important is packaging, promotion, strong local recognition as well as the reputation of a particular brand and firm.

The best import and sales potential is expected for comfortable, casual wear clothing made of to clean, light and soft fabrics and organic clothing.

Market Demand

The apparel market has matured and encompasses a diverse assortment of styles and quality levels in Poland. The market is supplied by locally established manufacturers (foreign and Polish) and imports.

The apparel market is considered very campaign driven. Poles are highly receptive to marketing and advertising. The purchasing power of Polish consumers is rising steadily and the average Polish consumer can afford to and does spend more on clothing and footwear. Poles are choosing to purchase branded clothing from the middle price shelves instead of the non-branded apparel sold through small traditional shops or open-air markets. They are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, and demanding higher quality and more sophisticated products. Shopping in boutiques of internationally renowned brands and designers is a way to confirm customers’ their social status. Thanks to travel abroad, Poles are aware of international brands and more interested in following European and international trends.


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Posted: 14 December 2010, last updated 13 March 2011

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