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Posted on: 24 Feb 2010


The market for security equipment and services is expected to maintain a significant level of demand, both in the public and private spheres. In addition to the threat of terrorism, the geographic proximity to North Africa makes Spain a gateway for illegal immigration and drug traffic. Demand in security equipment and services is also driven by an increasing presence of organized crime.


An important market trend is customer demand for integrated solutions, covering on-site and immediate response personnel, electronic security, alarm systems, and fire-related security systems.


U.S. security products enjoy an excellent reputation as being high quality and state-ofthe- art. Teaming with a Spanish counterpart should be considered as one option to develop an effective market access strategy.


The market for safety and fire protection equipment is expected to have a lower growth rate in 2009, between one and three percent, as the end of the residential construction boom impacts demand for products in that important segment. The slowing economic activity will impact overall demand in the sector.


Best Prospects/Services

Best prospects are products focusing on counteracting terrorist threats, such as explosives detection, equipment for scientific police and high-end surveillance systems. Consumer-focused security solutions, such IP video surveillance also offer potential in the market.



There is renewed interest by municipalities and transport authorities in video surveillance systems as a crime deterrent.


Firefighting equipment and services for wildfires are also in demand. As new facilities for penitentiaries and detention centers are being constructed, opportunities for security equipment supplies are increasing.


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Posted: 24 February 2010

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