Logistics Sector Opportunity in Spain

An Expert's View about Warehousing, Cargo Handling in Spain

Posted on: 15 Feb 2010


After tripling cargo shipments this decade, Valencia plans to become southern Europe’s main trading platform. To achieve this goal, APV (Valencia Port Authority) will make major investments in infrastructure upgrades to facilitate the use of intermodal containers, which are cargo holders that can be loaded and sealed onto ships, freight trains, planes, and trucks. APV, which includes the precincts of Gandía and Sagunto, became Spain’s leading port last year after moving 3.6 million Teus (standard container units of twenty feet), ahead of Algeciras and Barcelona.


Market Trend

Intermodal containers are reducing the impact of the current economic crisis on APV through the economic crisis by increasing port transit. Many containers are only stopping over in Valencia on their way to other destinations. While overall traffic in Spanish ports has fallen an average of 15% this year, in Valencia the decrease was only 5% and container traffic was unaffected. It is the universal utility of these intermodal containers that the expansion of Valencia’s precinct is based upon. Before 2015, the port plans to invest USD 716 million in port infrastructure upgrades and improvements. This expenditure will be matched by funding from the private sector.


By Angela Turrin


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Posted: 15 February 2010