Safety and Security in Sweden

A Hot Tip about Security in Sweden

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010


The Swedish market for safety and security equipment has grown significantly in the recent years and the current turnover reaches USD 5 billion. The estimated annual market growth is 10%. The fastest growing sub-segments are camera surveillance, technical security and passage control. Wireless systems are replacing the traditional ones and rapidly becoming a norm. The whole concept of security thinking has gradually changed in Sweden as the risks for both conventional and cyber terrorism have become more tangible. In addition to the more traditional security measures, concerns such as BCP, airport and hotel security, access control and CBRN protection have come into focus.


The largest end-user groups of security and safety equipment and services are the public sector, manufacturing and transportation industries, large private companies in the high-tech fields, hotels and companies handling dangerous goods. Private households have in the past been more interested in less complicated security equipment, such as intruder alarms and lattice windows and doors. The demand for more complete domestic protection using latest technologies is, however, rapidly growing.


U.S. products enjoy a good reputation in the Swedish market. The main competitors are the strong and even globally active domestic manufacturers and German and U.K. suppliers. There are no trade barriers or market impediments for security and safety equipment.


Best Prospects/Services

The most promising sub-sectors are equipment for both domestic and corporate security and protection, ranging from simple alarms and protective devices to complex wireless digital systems that integrate fire alarm, passage control, area control and CCTV. Other growing sectors are consulting and guard services and security training sectors. In the IT security market the largest subgroups are identification systems, anti virus programs, PKI, intrusion detection and backup equipment.



Sweden provides good opportunities for U.S. companies in the field of biometrics, border control and high threat target security. Sweden has enforced the use of digital passports and identity cards, is actively working on the Schengen Information System projects, and assessing potential biometric technologies for border crossing.


There are also good prospects for products and services within digital video transfer, electronic locking, access card systems and passage control systems using biometrics and infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technologies.



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Posted: 30 March 2010