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Posted on: 15 Mar 2010


Sweden is the most populous country in Scandinavia with just over nine million inhabitants. The country is highly advanced in the technology sector, especially with regard to information communication technology (ICT). The internet is regularly used by private individuals, businesses and government. The 2009 Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Sweden as number two on the world e-readiness list after neighboring Denmark. The United States ranked number five. The list measures the world’s largest economies on their ability to absorb ICT and use it for economic and social benefit. In 2009, over 90% of Swedes use the internet.


Sweden also ranked very high in several categories in the 2009 Global Information Technology Report. The Global Information Technology Report is issued every year and is written by the World Economic Forum. Notably, Sweden ranked first for accessibility of global content, which measures the degree to which global content is accessible through a number of digital media including fixed-line internet, wireless internet, mobile internet, satellite, etc. It also received a number one ranking for e-government readiness, a category that measures how prepared a national government is to adopt and incorporate new digital technologies in terms of both physical infrastructure and qualified personnel.


Market Demand

There is significant demand for a range of products and services within the Swedish internet services. The market is expected to include 4.5 million individual subscribers by 2011.


Global revenue from e-commerce is expected to increase from $438 billion in 2008 to $618 billion in 2011. Europe will make up one third of the global e-commerce revenue, as it is expected to increase from $152 billion in 2008 to $198 billion in 2011. This is a fast growing industry and businesses would be wise to recognize the importance of Sweden not only as a technological trend-setter for both Scandinavia and Europe, but also as a major development center for many of the new internet, data, and communications technologies.


Demand within the internet services industry exists in several different sectors. Most of this demand stems from improving the quality of existing services, expanding existing capabilities, and the implementation of new technologies. Brief overviews of these sectors will be outlined in the following Market Overview section.



By Sebastian Mansson/Gunilla LaRoche



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Posted: 15 March 2010