Drugs and Pharmaceuticals in Sweden

A Hot Tip about Biotechnology in Sweden

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010


The Swedish pharmaceutical industry has established itself as one of Sweden’s most important growth industries. Domestic industry is active in research and drug sales in the areas of oncology, growth disorders and eye diseases, gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The Swedish pharmaceutical market is dominated by two firms AstraZeneca, Pfizer GlaxoSmith Kline and Wyeth, but there are also a large number of small and medium sized firms active in development and manufacture. These include biotechnology-based drug discovery firms as well as firms focusing on generics, pharmaceutical formulation, drug delivery and contract manufacturing. Sales of the largest pharmaceutical products in 2008 include: Enbrel, Symbicort, and Remicade. The. American pharmaceutical firms are considered world-leaders in research and production; consequently their products enjoy a good reputation.


Best Prospects/Services

The Swedish pharmaceutical market is highly competitive, but according to trade sources the following areas should represent opportunities for new entrants in the market: antibiotics, anti-asthmatics, impotence treatment, treatments for Alzheimer, AIDS and cancer.



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Posted: 30 March 2010