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A Hot Tip about Software Publishing in Sweden

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010


The Swedish software market is sophisticated with skilled domestic software development companies. Sales are a little more than USD 3 billion. The market is expected to grow by only a few percent in the near term partly as a result of the uncertain economic situation when many large IT projects will be put on the back burner. The Swedish software market consists of global software development companies and small, innovative niche-oriented companies. There are around 800 Swedish software development companies in Sweden, many of which specialize in systems software for communications, business systems (tax and accounting packages with local applications), and applications software for telecommunications. Security software and Web related software are also dominant segments among Swedish software developers.


Swedes are sophisticated IT users and are looking for the latest solutions that will increase customer service, cost savings, and also enhance business processes. Demand is expected in the following segments: solutions for business intelligence, information management, applications for increased mobility, e-business, and information security.


U.S. products are well received and 75-80% of imported application software is of U.S. origin. The market is highly competitive and customers are looking for products that will make business processes efficient, robust, and flexible.


Best Prospects/Services

Network security applications

Business intelligence products

Storage management applications

Applications for increased mobility



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Posted: 30 March 2010