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A Hot Tip about Satellite Communications in Sweden

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010


TeliaSonera is the largest provider of fixed telephony in Sweden with a 42% share of the market, followed by Tele2 (25%), and Telenor (15%). TeliaSonera recently launched LTE (4G) services in Stockholm and Oslo. The other operators will follow suit during 2010. Demand for fixed line services continues to decrease in Sweden as an increasing number of customers favor mobile telephony, especially in the younger population. Mobile phone penetration is extremely high in Sweden, 97% of the Swedish population have mobile phones. Including MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), there are over 20 service providers in the mobile telephony market. IP telephony is gaining ground, both in the corporate and consumers markets. 23% of the Swedish population use IP telephony. IPTV is another segment with healthy growth. It is estimated that around 3.2 million mobile phones were sold in Sweden during 2009. Ericsson is the dominant supplier of phones, followed by Nokia and Samsung. Smart phones are gaining market shares and represent around 10% of the total market with Apple in the lead.


Internet penetration in Sweden is very high. More than 90% of Swedes between 16 and 75 use the Internet. During the first half year of 2009, the broadband market increased by 17%. Mobile broadband represented a large part of that increase. XDSL is the dominating form of broadband access. However, fiber and mobile broadband is gaining ground steadily. Demand for broadband access of more than 10 Mbit/s consuted to increase and currently represents 33% of all broadband subscriptions. The dominant operators for broadband services are TeliaSonera, ComHem, B2 Bredband, and Tele2. The number of hotspots is also increasing in Sweden. The largest operator is Telia Homerun. Other service providers are Defaultcity, Powernet, Glocalnet, and The Cloud Nordic.


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Posted: 30 March 2010