Travel and Tourism in Sweden

A Hot Tip about Travel, Tourism and Food Services in Sweden

Posted on: 30 Mar 2010


Travel & Tourism is one of the largest industries in Sweden and the largest revenue earner in the United States. The total number of Swedish visitors to the US in 2008 amounted to 394,250. This is a substantial increase (20%) in numbers of visitors from Sweden. Each visitor spends approximately $665 per day (excluding airfare). Due to the economic downturn travel numbers for 2009 are bound to decrease. The dollar is still less expensive than the euro, which proves to be a great incentive for Swedish travelers. And tour operators report a decrease in bookings to the U.S throughout 2008. Again, Thailand is a strong contestant as the most popular long-haul destination for Swedes. The United States has fallen behind and is now number two in the ranking.


Best Prospects/Services

Sun & Beaches, Big City Breaks, Soft Adventure, National Parks, Eco Tourism FIT travel is growing steadily 2 percent per year



Sweden continues to offer great opportunities for U.S Travel and Tourism service providers, as well as for US destinations.



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Posted: 30 March 2010