Taiwan bans formamide from toys

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Last updated: 27 Sep 2011

Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has listed formamide as a Class 1 and Class 2 toxic chemical substance and its use will be banned from toys and plastic mats for children with effect from 1 January 2012.

This will make Taiwan the second economy after Belgium to ban the toxic substance from toys and plastic mats.

Formamide is a colourless, transparent toxic substance that is soluble in water. It has a pungent smell and can affect the central nervous system and reproductive system if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. There are not yet any reported cases of formamide poisoning, but considering its effects on infants and young children, the European Union has decided to impose a ban starting from 2013.

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Posted: 27 September 2011, last updated 27 September 2011