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Last updated: 25 Feb 2011


Turkey’s double digit economic growth has fueled the rise in electronic commerce in this previously cash-driven society. The growth in the Turkish banking sector, corporate and personal credit cards, and other online transactions has resulted in an increased focus by industry and government on IT security. This report, prepared by the U.S. Embassy’s Commercial Service in Ankara, provides an overview of the market and follow-up steps for American exporters to make sales in this dynamic market.

The most widespread and the most popular technologies in providing information security include encryption (cryptography), digital signature and PKI, network segmentation and firewalls, back up, attack detection and tracking, access control, security depth and antivirus. Rising user awareness with security training will minimize the possibility of security gaps or other risk factors.

Prominent technologies regarding the gathering, storing, and distribution of information are among the top priorities of Turkey’s private sector. Despite the global economic crisis that led to less spending on information technology infrastructure and upgrades, the IT security industry has been one of the few industries to remain in constant growth throughout the crisis. The same holds true in Turkey.

Corporate and government IT security systems are a particular focus in the Turkish market. Security of information leaving the company as well as identity theft, network security against attackers, viruses, trojans and storage of network activities are among the top priorities with particular emphasis on providing legally sustainable evidence used in courts of law.

IT Security Developments in Turkey

The Turkish Government has increased its expenditures in hardware, software and education in battling cyber threats. In order to implement these defenses the Departments of Justice, Interior, the Turkish National Police, and the Turkish military have all updated their information security technologies. All governmental and military institutions have been training their personnel up to international standards and have been inviting expert professionals from abroad to provide further training. Resources indicate that the Turkish government and private sector institutions are looking at new technologies to enhance their IT security systems.

One such project, representing a significant improvement in the Turkish Government’s efforts to centralize information and information security has been spear-headed by the Turkish Department of Justice by implementing ‘UYAP – National Judiciary Informatics System’ in line with the National Plan for the Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA) to achieve objectives stated in the ‘EU’ Accession Partnership. Modernisation of justice and penal reform are included as fundamental priorities in the Accession Partnership and in the NPAA.


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Posted: 20 December 2010, last updated 25 February 2011

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