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An Expert's View about Renewable Energy in Turkey

Last updated: 27 Sep 2011

Solar Energy in Turkey
Turkey’s geographical location is considerably more favorable in terms of solar energy potential, placing it well ahead many countries in the solar energy market. According to the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) and the State Meteorology Affairs General Directorate, Turkey’s average annual total sunshine duration is 2640 hours; a total of 7.2 hours per day, with an average total radiation intensity of 1.311 kWh/m2 – years, (daily total 3.6kWh/m2). Turkey has the incredible potential to produce an average of 1.100kWh per square meter, if the necessary investments are made on solar energy plants. This makes Turkey the 2nd best country in Europe after Spain in terms of solar power investment potential.

Monthly average solar energy values in Turkey
Turkey’s most efficient months to produce solar energy are June, July, and August. The least efficient months are November, December, and January. In terms of solar energy potential, the Southeastern Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions hold the most potential for Turkey. Central Anatolia’s large region of flat lands is another highly profitable area for solar power investments. If we exclude the Black Sea Region, Turkey can produce 1.100 kWh per square meter from an average of 2640 hours of sun light. Accordingly, the total amount of potential energy per year is approximately 1.015 kW hours.

Statistics show that solar radiation in Turkey is 112.74 kcal/cm2 and 1311.00 kWh/m2 per year. In terms of solar radiation averages, 308.0 cal/cm2-day, 3.6 kWh/m2-day can be produced from an average sunshine duration of 7.2 hours/day.

Potential Regions for Solar Energy in Turkey:
According to regional solar energy evaluations, the South Eastern Anatolia Region has the highest solar energy potential and Mediterranean Region has the second highest solar energy potential for Turkey. Three provinces in West Mediterranean Region also have very appropriate values in terms of solar energy investments.

A Potential Major Solar Project in Turkey:
GE recently announced a 530-megawatt project, to be owned by Turkish firm MetCap Energy Investments in Karaman, Turkey, will feature a 22-megawatt GE wind farm, a 50- megawatt eSolar “power tower” solar thermal system and GE’s new FlexEfficiency turbine technology. A FlexEfficiency natural-gas fired power plant is designed to rapidly ramp up and down electricity generation in response to intermittent production of power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. GE is calling the Turkish power plant the first “Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle” system. The Karaman plant will be 69 percent efficient though other combined natural gas-renewable energy projects could be more than 70 percent efficient. In the Karaman project, the solar fields will generate steam that will be fed to the plant’s steam turbine to generate additional power without using more natural gas.

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Posted: 27 September 2011, last updated 27 September 2011

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