Medical and Dental Equipment in the USA

An Expert's View about Dental and Medical Equipment in the United States

Posted on: 5 Nov 2010

Medical and Dental Equipment in the USA


The medical and dental equipment industry is an important segment of the American economy, generating significant revenue each year and providing the medical professions with vital machines and instruments. Advancements in the fields of surgery and dental care, coupled with increasingly longer life expectancies in the U.S., have created a steady level of growth for related equipment industries due to greater reliance upon health services.


The medical instrument and supply sector consists of companies that manufacture medical products, as well dental services equipment. These products include surgical and medical instruments and appliances, orthodontic goods and appliances, dentures, and dental supplies. Companies in this industry provide goods to wholesalers and directly to hospitals, labs, and private practices, but do not produce laboratory instruments, such as x-ray devices or electromedical equipment.


In 2008, the medical and dental equipment manufacturing industry generated revenue of approximately $83.7 billion, with an industry gross product valued at $57 billion and an annual revenue growth of 3.6 percent. The same year, this industry employed more than 300,000 workers. Its exports totaled roughly $19.2 billion, while imports came to $18.7 billion.


Like medical and dental equipment manufacturing, the medical supplies wholesaling industry has also benefited from technological advances and a relatively stable health services sector. This industry is primarily engaged in the wholesaling of professional medical equipment, including surgical and medical devices, electromedical instruments, laboratory supplies, hospital beds and furniture, and dental equipment.


Medical supplies wholesaling generated revenue of approximately $134.8 billion in 2008, representing a revenue growth of 6.5 percent over the previous year and an industry gross product valued at $19.2 billion. This industry employed over 150,000 workers in 2008, with the majority of sales deriving from surgical, medical, and hospital supplies, and roughly equal minority portions from dental instruments and orthopedic equipment.

Posted: 05 November 2010

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