Processed Fruit and Vegetables Industry in Turkey

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  • Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual in Turkey

    MY 2008 was a good year for Turkish fresh deciduous fruits. Apple, grape and pear production continued to increase in MY 2009 as well. MY 2009 was a very significant year for apple and pear exports as new markets, such as Iraq contributed significantly to increasing volumes.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 2 Feb 2010 related to Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Turkey

  • Tomatoes and Products in Turkey

    Turkey’s climate has supported the growth of its fruit and vegetable sector and has led to its status as a major producer. As Turkey seeks membership in the European Union, fresh fruits and vegetables are among the commodities that will be most competitive in the European market.

    Foreign Agricultural Service on 4 Jan 2010 related to Processed Fruit and Vegetables in Turkey

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