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Posted on: 30 Jul 2012

Solution for real-time environmental monitoring, analyzing and reporting offers easy access for any company in need of environmental measurements. measurements.

30 July 2012 Measuring environmental conditions in real-time Cloud-based comprehensive solution for real- time environmental monitoring, analyzing and reporting has been developed in Finland. The platform aims to offer easy and inexpensive access for any company, organization or consumer in need of © Vaisala environmental measurements. Measuring environmental conditions produces vast amounts of data, which is creating the need for more efficient ways of collecting, processing and meaningfully visualizing it. The new platform responds to these challenges. In practical application, environmental data that is measured with e.g. sensors can be fed to the platform, which analyzes it, processes it and filters the results based on the customer’s requirements. The results are then aggregated from various sources and quality control-checked. Alarms or notifications are then reported to the customer regarding the environmental conditions. For example, if a company needs to control for levels of CO2 emissions, they only need to configure their settings and the platform will present the data in real-time with a compelling interface and send notifications whenever emission levels are too high. The platform was developed by a work group consisting of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Vaisala, University of Eastern Finland and HiQ Finland The platform was developed under the Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment (MMEA) program under the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation for Energy and Environment (CLEEN Ltd). Apart from technical challenges, creating a platform of such ambition requires cooperation from several different actors. The MMEA program has helped the team by coordinating the communication between all the partners. As a result, design and computation skills got combined with the knowledge and data coming out of the environment sector. “Being under one umbrella organization like this is great because it enables the connections between all the different parts. We would not have been able to implement this kind of platform at all without all the partners working together,” says Research Manager Atso Haapaniemi from HiQ Finland. Distinguishing MMEA from existing solutions *MMEA seeks to be the common platform for any environmental data. Submitting and accessing the data with common interfaces increases efficiency to utilize platform in various business needs. *The platform boasts flexibility of connectivity: it is being developed to easily adapt to different data sources, be it collected from different kind of sensors or other data sources. Scalability and capability to process huge amounts of data are also taken into account when designing and implementing the solution. *The platform processes, analyzes and reports the data in real-time, which is completely unprecedented in many traditional business areas. It can route data to different data storages: either cloud-based or local on- premises databases. Marketplace for environmental data Completing the MMEA Platform would mark an important step in the open data movement. Finnish governmental institutions are gradually opening up their data; improving the efficiency of existing frameworks could decrease the time it takes to complete the process. Making data more open and easily available would highly benefit the private as well as the public sector. Governmental institutions could utilize the platform in different use cases either by providing more valuable and real-time information to citizens or by harnessing and aggregating the data to create new services and solutions. The next step in the development of the platform is implementation of ENVITORI – a centralized marketplace for environmental data. This would make it easy to find data when needed and get it processed in flexible ways on-demand. Related: Creating new tools for environmental monitoring Speeding up smart grid recovery from faults Open data induces better energy decisions
Posted: 30 July 2012

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