Europe must accelerate the shift towards bio-based economy

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Posted on: 7 Apr 2010

Europe has to accelerate the shift towards a more diversified use of domestic bio-based natural resources without at the same time increasing the environmental burden elsewhere, concluded a top-level forum.

Europe must accelerate the shift towards bio- based economy Europe has to accelerate the shift towards a more diversified use of domestic bio-based natural resources without at the same time increasing the environmental burden elsewhere, concluded the Koli Forum - a new top-level initiative to establish a discussion forum on natural resources. The competitiveness of Europe can only be secured by reducing our dependence on imported raw materials and imported energy. At the same time immediate measures are required to mitigate climate change, adressess the Koli Forum to European decision-makers. Forests offer key potential in meeting the needs of society whilst fighting climate change. Green growth, however, is hindered by a lack of capital and political will and consequent political and economic risks. It requires widespread international cooperation. The first Koli Forum on 22?24 October 2009 gathered together 70 European opinion-leaders to search out the best solutions for a future that considers natural resources. The Koli Forum was hosted by the former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Topics of the Forum are related to natural resources Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari (r.) and range from the availability of raw materials and and the President of the Supreme their economic use, to environmental aspects and Administrative Court of Finland Pekka competitiveness of Europe. Hallberg. The Koli Forum calls, for instance, for new economic measurement tools, which fully consider future generations, a more efficient use of energy and raw materials, and the utilization of new technologies. A wider knowledge base and comparative statistical data are required as a foundation for the action that must be taken. Theses of Koli The conclusions of the Koli Forum are summarized in practical courses of action, the Theses of Koli. 1. The challenge facing the Earth is that of the use of declining natural resources, while population and consumption are simultaneously increasing. Europe has a shortage of non-renewable resources but there is high potential from renewable ones. Among these, forests offer key potential in meeting the needs of society sustainably whilst fighting climate change. 2. Europe has the right mind-set and is ethically well placed to offer leadership in global discussion and technological innovation and development. However, investment is lacking and and there are political and economic risks in implementing ?green growth.? 3. To turn good intentions into operational reality in concert with international partners, co-ordinated and coherent policies and actions are necessary. Cooperation should be based on partnerships between diverse stakeholders and other actors in order to bring about the following actions. Actions 1. Stimulate the sustainable production and use of domestic bio-based resources whilst minimizing negative impacts in other countries 2. Develop new tools for economic analysis, planning and fiscal measures, taking fully into account future generations e.g. place a global and realistic value on carbon 3. Make efficient use of land, energy and materials e.g. support dematerialization 4. Optimize the streams of materials equitably over their whole life cycle 5. Mobilize existing renewable natural resources more completely and efficiently 6. Use finite natural resources efficiently 7. Tailor implementation to local conditions 8. Speed up actions while ensuring sustainability 9. Improve data availability and quality, and information to support actions concerning natural resources 10. Strengthen high-quality science and education to support the development and application of technology and innovations Second Forum in 2011 The venue of the Koli Forum is the Koli National Park in Eastern Finland. In addition to the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari, the keynote speakers of the first Forum included the member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Professor Karl- Göran Mäler, the Director for Rural Development Programmes II of the European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development Antonis Constantinou; the Chairman of the Board of both Royal Dutch Shell and Nokia Jorma Ollila, and the Director of Material Flows and Resources Management of the Wuppertal Institute Stefan Bringezu, and former Prime Minister of Sweden Göran Persson. The second Forum will be organized in 2011. Source and more information: Koli Forum
Posted: 07 April 2010

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