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Posted on: 29 Apr 2012

Finnish-Russian cooperation on environmental measurements resulted in emission measurement skills, adaptation of new measurement methods and quality assurance.

27 April 2012 Cross-border work for more accurate emission data Leading Finnish research center has cooperated two decades with Russian partners in environmental measurements. Successful results have been achieved particularly in emission measurement skills, adaptation of new measurement methods and quality assurance. Reliable data on emission levels is of importance for domestic and international purposes - in developing climate policies and measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Environmental co-operation with Russia started year 1991 by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. In 1992, within this framework, a project aiming at the establishment of national atmospheric emission measurement systems in Russia was launched by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In addition to establish national emission measurement activity in Russia, the objective is to disseminate information to other measurement institutes. Partner laboratories included at that time regional laboratories in Petrozavodsk and Murmansk. Co- operation projects have also been carried out with the Scientific Research Institute for Atmospheric Air Protection (SRI Atmosphere). The development work covered inventory and delivery of emission measurement equipment and several courses on emission measurement technology, quality assurance applied to emission measurements and courses on new EU directives and standards. Russian strong basic research has provided excellent, world-class results in many areas. “This scientific and technological knowledge base has made it possible to deepen cooperation from the very beginning and also to obtain concrete results faster,” says Tuula Pellikka, Project Manager at VTT. Minimizing EU-Russia gap in the measurements One of the latest co-operation projects focuses on the capacity building in emission measurement and also on the development of environmental control system in Russia. With this co-operation project it will be possible in the long run to minimize the gap between European Union's and Russia's environmental protection requirements and their implementation. This phase included comparison measurements to evaluate the level of the emission measurements. The participants measure same unknown matrix at the same time in real stack conditions. Russian experts from Murmansk and Petrozavodsk have taken part in comparision measurements in power plants in Finland. Respectively, Finnish experts have been following comparision measuments in Russia. These measurements give possibilities to improve procedures when laboratories interact with each other. Results are useful to prove the competence, for example, requirement of laboratory accreditation. They also are of importance for process and emission control. This project has been carried out in the co-operation with Center Laboratory for Analysis and Technical Measurements in North-West Russia Tslati, St. Petersburg and VTT. Tslati works under the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology. Other participants in this co-operation are from Tslati´s regional laboratories in North-West Russia; Komi, Kalingrad, Arkangelsk, Karelia, Murmansk, Vologda, Novgorod and Pskov. “For the future, we recommend updating of the emission measurement equipment as well as emission measurement methods and improving quality issues, such as regular comparison measurements and permanent use of calibration gases,” Pellikka says. “In addition, workshops for authorities and measurement teams are needed for dissemination of knowledge.” Accurate data to combat climate change Russia will be an important stakeholder in the negotiations concerning a new international climate deal. Reliable emission data is of importance in developing climate policies, efforts to mitigate climate and adaptation measures. Russia is the country with the largest potential for UN Joint Implementation (JI) projects. Accurate emission data will promote these projects. Thus, it has been of importance to set up competent national measurement systems to provide reliable data on emission levels for domestic and international purposes. For instance, in a quality assessment carried out in 1999, the measurement results of the Murmansk laboratory and VTT in Finland were found to converge, providing evidence for the reliability of the measurements. In the audit performed in 2005, the professional skills of the laboratory staff in Murmansk were rated as excellent. The laboratory currently functions as a reference laboratory for the whole Murmansk region, and plays a central role in industrial emission measurement and the dissemination of related information in the Kola Peninsula. Cross-border cooperation connected to EU programs Future neighbouring area cooperation between Finland and Russia will be more closely connected to the EU's cross-border cooperation programs, which will also be the main source of funding for cooperation. This policy outline is included in the new framework agreement for cross-border cooperation, concluded between Finland and Russia. Aimed at promoting regional development on both sides of the border, the framework agreement supports the implementation of the EU's ENPI CBC (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, Cross-Border Cooperation) program across the Finnish and Russian border. New funding mechanisms will not be created through the agreement. Sources of funding will include the ENPI CBC programs and other possible EU sources, funding from international financing institutions and budget funding from central and regional government. In 2007-2013, Finland's cooperation with Russia has been implemented through three programs. Total funding for these programs amounts to around EUR190 million, with the EU, Finland and Russia contributing to the funding. Related articles: Russian energy efficiency laws gain traction Russia's renewable energy to gain momentum Russia submits 'breakthrough' JI project for UN registration
Posted: 29 April 2012

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