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Posted on: 26 Nov 2013

The business intelligence firm focuses exclusively on the life sciences and offers its entire energy research portfolio with more that 200 reports at a major discount.

25 November 2013 Top offer of the end of this year GBI Research is offering an opportunity to access its entire Energy Research Portfolio including more that 200 reports for a one off fee of $8,000 for your full organization. The normal cost of one report is usually $3,500. This is a result of the company's move to focus exclusively on the LifeSciences space. GBI Research has published in-depth strategic intelligence reports in a broad range of professional industries, including, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, alternative energy, power, clean technology, oil and gas and chemicals. Industries included in this offer are Power & Alternative Energy (39 reports), Clean Technology (26), Technology (34), Chemicals (68), Mining (12), Nuclear Energy (4), Oil & Gas (45). The Energy Research Portfolio, compiled over 3 years until April 2013, offers insights and analysis at the company, country and industry level including competitor analysis, market data, valuations, trends, detailed analysis of upcoming projects and market forecasts. This 'End of the Year Deals' offer is valid only to the 30th December 2013. Examples of reports included in the package: Power & Alternative energy 2013 Cost of Power Generation – Renewables Compete with Conventional Alternatives as the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is driven down by Technological Developments and Mass Deployments Emerging Power Markets in South America and Mexico to 2020 - Changing Competitive Dynamics and Clean Energy Investments Position Brazil and Mexico as Regional Leaders Renewable Energy Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Amended Renewable Energy Targets Attract Increased Investment in Both Large and Small Scale Projects Power Markets in Western Europe to 2020 – Development of a Fully Integrated and Liberalized Electricity Market System to Increase Competitiveness and Improve Efficiency in the Region 2012 Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturing Companies – Vestas Continues to Dominate as Emerging Chinese Players Provide Stiff Competition to Global Leaders Power Transmission and Distribution Market to 2020 – Expansion of T&D Base to Meet Renewable Energy Targets and Replacement of Aging Infrastructure Will Present Growth Opportunities Solar Photovoltaic Power Market to 2020 – Market Leaders to Achieve Grid Parity due to Decreasing Module Prices, Low Maintenance and Ease of Installation Renewable Energy Markets in South America and Mexico to 2020 - Clean Development Mechanism Projects and Climate Financing to Increase Renewables Share in the Energy Mix Solar Thermal Power Market to 2020 - Asia-Pacific Continues to See Increased Investments While Effective FITs in the Middle East and Africa Create Lucrative Solar Power Destinations Major Power Markets in Eastern Europe to 2020 - Renewable Resources, Privatization, and Easing Barriers to Entry in Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey Power Market in SAARC Countries to 2020 - FDI Driven by Private Sector Participation is Key to Future Growth Wind Energy Maintenance Market to 2020-Growth Driven by Increasing Competition between OEMs and ISPs in the Post-Warranty Maintenance Segment Hydro Power Market to 2020 - Energy Management Strategies and Green Funds to Drive Emerging Markets in Latin America and Africa Offshore Wind Power Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020 - China’s Capacity Investments Position It to Overtake Germany by 2018, Second Only to the UK 2011 Power Market in Africa to 2020 - Private Public Partnerships Will Improve Infrastructure to Serve Rural and Peri-Urban Communities Geothermal Power Market in Asia Pacific to 2020 - Southeast Asia Key Region for Geothermal Growth See all 39 reports Clean technology 2013 Global Energy Storage Market to 2020 – Targeting Transportation Sector Applications, Advanced Batteries, Ultracapacitors and Fuel Cells all Set for Growth Smart Cities Market to 2017 – Smart Security Segment to Flourish as Interoperability Standards and Public Private Partnerships Promote Growth 2012 E-Waste Management Market to 2020 – Expansion of Domestic Electronics Sector to Drive Asia- Pacific Growth Despite Ban on Illegal Exports from Developed Countries Energy-efficient Lighting Market in Europe to 2020 - LEDs Emerge as Key Growth Sector due to Price Discounting and Phosphor Shortages Restricting CFL Production Advanced Batteries Market to 2020 - Demand for Electric Vehicles to Drive Growth, Asia Pacific to Remain the Major Producer Smart Grid Market in the Americas to 2020 - US-EU Collaboration on Standards to Solve Interoperability & Data Security Issues to Encourage Innovation Smart Grid Market in Europe to 2020 - Advanced Grid Concepts and Intelligent Technology Pivotal to Achieving EU 20-20-20 Targets Smart Grids Market in Asia-Pacific to 2020 - Government Initiatives and Longer-Term Strategic Focus of Utilities Will Determine Future Uptake See all 26 reports In all, the package includes 228 reports.
Posted: 26 November 2013

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GBI Research's special offer on energy reports   By Teknotietamys Oy (Techknowledge Ltd.)