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  • Oil & Gas Sector

    Ghana is looking to commercialise its gas and has commissioned work on the infrastructure to evacuate the associated gas from the Jubilee field.

    Posted on: 1 Dec 2012 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

  • Energy sector

    As of 1 January 2011, proved reserves of natural gas in Ukraine amount to 549 BCM, and proved reserves of oil amount to 99 million tons.

    Posted on: 26 May 2012 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Opportunities

    Lately, a strong emphasis has been made on the necessity to develop the Russian oil and gas refining and petrochemical industry, which is expected to reduce the dependency of Russian economy on world prices on raw oil and gas.

    Posted on: 29 Nov 2011 A Market Analysis By U.S. Commercial Service

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industries

    Due to the high demand and consumption of oil and gas, both domestically in Brazil and abroad, various companies operating in the country have decided to place an emphasis on increased investment in exploration & production (E&P) to increase the potential for even more discoveries and production of greater...

    Posted on: 28 Nov 2011 A Market Analysis By U.S. Commercial Service

  • Oil & Gas - Sector & Environmental Impact

    Canada is a global energy player, ranking number three in crude oil reserves (approx 175 billion barrels) and natural gas production and is the 6th largest oil producer in the world. Industry capital spend is expected to reach C$55 billion in 2012. There are currently three producing oil projects off Newfoundland;...

    Posted on: 27 Nov 2011 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

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