International Trade in Panama

International Trade in Panama

Before the international financial crisis, the Panamanian economy had the highest growth rate in Latin America (this was due to the enlargement of the canal, as well as the development of the Colon Free-Trade Zone, the banking and real estate sectors). The country resisted well the... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in Panama

Main Industry Sectors

Agriculture represents about 6% to GDP and employs 15% of the active population. The main productions of Panama are bananas and all other fruits, vegetables, corn, sugar, rice, coffee, construction wood, livestock and shrimp. Panama has limited natural resources: construction wood, copper and gold.

The industrial sector is moderate and contributes only 17% to the GDP. The main industrial activities are based on industrial food preparation, dairy products, sugar refinery, clothes manufacturing, petroleum products, chemical products, paper and its by-products, printing, furniture manufacturing and construction.

The tertiary sector, which contributes to more than three fourths of the GDP and employs two thirds of the active population, is the real driver of the country's economy. It involves: finances, insurance, health and medical, transports, telecommunications, maritime services, tourism, the trade-free zone of the two points, public administration and trade. The Free-Zone of Colon, established in 1953, is a center of foreign investments in the manufacturing industry.


Economic Overview

Before the international financial crisis, the Panamanian economy had the hig...

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