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  • InterLogic Inc - WorldWide Logistics
  • InterLogic Inc - WorldWide Logistics

    Freight and Logistics service

    Freight Forwarder in Mexico
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    INTERLOGIC INC - WORLDWIDRE LOGISTICS The name itself transports you into the world of freight and logistics business which defines the company’s in-depth knowledge and an expertise in all facets of international shipping. InterLogic Worldwide Logistics has mastered its commitment to deliver exceptional value and tailored shipping solutions to each customer. We are a proven Ocean, Air, and Inland Freight Forwarder with a track record of moving any size and type of freight .... large or
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  • Mexico Representation
  • Mexico Representation

    Manufacturers Representatives In Mexico

    Sourcing Services in Mexico
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    Helping Your Business Succeed in Mexico

    Helping Your Business Succeed in Mexico If you are a small or medium sized business and you know there’s a market for your products in Mexico but don’t have the resources to have a presence in Mexico, we can help. What We Offer: * Representation of companies outside of Mexico looking to grow their customer base by selling into Mexico. * Sourcing of offshore low cost suppliers within Mexico for export. Why Mexico Representation? * Experience on the supplier and customer sides
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     English  Dutch  Spanish

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  • Current clients include:
    We have done business with major automotive, appliance, el
  • AXIA
  • AXIA

    Technology Sales Representation in

    Trade Data in Mexico Add to contact list
  • AXIA, an American-owned firm based in Mexico City, is an independent sales representative for U.S. software and technology companies in Mexico, Central America and South America. Let us help you take [...]
  • Zaldivar Consulting, S. C.
  • Zaldivar Consulting, S. C.

    Taxes, Auditing, Consulting & Accounting

    Tax Law in Mexico Add to contact list
  • CERTIFICATE PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Business Start-Up Services, Consulting, Auditing, Taxes, Accounting, Payroll, International Taxation, Social Security, & New business developments. We provide [...]
  • Oceanica Logistics Group SA de CV
  • Oceanica Logistics Group SA de CV

    NVOCC / Cargo Agent / Freight Forwarder

    Ocean Freight in Mexico Add to contact list
  • About Us: Oceánica Logistics Group, S.A. de C.V., was born in Mexico as a response to the logistic needs in the county. It is constructed by professionals with years of experience in the [...]
  • Valores Mexicanos Casa de Bolsa S.A de C.V.
  • Valores Mexicanos Casa de Bolsa S.A de C.V.

    Banking and Financial Firm

    International Banking in Mexico   Add to contact list
  • VALORES MEXICANOS CASA DE BOLSA (VALMEX) is an Independent Brokerage House, founded in 1979, highly experienced in local markets. VALMEX occupies the first place in profitability and operation of [...]
  • G&M Consulting, S.C.
  • G&M Consulting, S.C.

    Business & Legal Consultants

    Property Investment in Mexico Add to contact list
  • G&M Consulting, S.C., is a general practice law firm rendering services in various fields of law. While the Firm is mainly engaged in corporate counsel, foreign trade and programs to foster [...]
  • J.A Treviño Abogados
  • J.A Treviño Abogados

    Law Firm

    Commercial Law in Mexico Add to contact list
  • J.A. Treviño Abogados provides integrated corporate legal advice and strategic legal services for the sophisticated business needs both for domestic and cross border transactions. Our firm is [...]
  • Globex Logistics / Globe Experts
  • Globex Logistics / Globe Experts

    Own China Office For Sourcing

    Ocean Freight in Mexico Add to contact list
  • Globex supply Customs Clearance services in the following harbors: *Int’l Airport Benito Juarez (México City) *Manzanillo, Col. *Veracruz *Nuevo Laredo *Laredo, USA. *Merida *Progreso [...]
  • Lexi-Traduccion
  • Norma Silva, Lexi-Traduccion

    Translation Agency Mexico City

    Web Marketing Services in Mexico Add to contact list
  • Translation Agency based in Mexico City providing the following services: * Translation in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish * Sworn translation in [...]

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