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BSI publishes some of the most respected internet publications in the fields of business, tax, law and investment. We've been publishing quality content since we formed in 1992, and quickly made the transition from print to digital publishing in the late 1990s. Many of our websites have been online for over 12 years. Today, our specialist publications are enjoyed globally by 3 million readers every year.

Our publications are a mixture of free to view websites, and subscription services. Our newsletters are received by 90,000 opt-in subscribers every month. Please contact us should you have a need to reach one of the web's most targeted audiences of:

- Business owners/managers
- Tax and finance professionals
- Offshore professionals and intermediaries
- International business executives and entrepreneurs
- Financial advisors
- High net worth individuals
- Expats
- Globally mobile investors.


Category of expertise: United Kingdom: Tax Services 
Andorra: Tax Services
Austria: Tax Services
Belgium: Tax Services
Denmark: Tax Services
France: Tax Services
Germany: Tax Services
Ireland: Tax Services
Liechtenstein: Tax Services
Luxembourg: Tax Services
Monaco: Tax Services
Netherlands: Tax Services
Portugal: Tax Services
Spain: Tax Services
Switzerland: Tax Services
Botswana: Tax Services
Liberia: Tax Services
Mauritius: Tax Services
Seychelles: Tax Services
South Africa: Tax Services
Bahamas: Tax Services
Belize: Tax Services
Canada: Tax Services
Costa Rica: Tax Services
Grenada: Tax Services
Panama: Tax Services
United States: Tax Services
Bulgaria: VAT Services, Tax Services
Cyprus: Tax Services
Czech Republic: Tax Services
Estonia: Tax Services
Greece: Tax Services
Hungary: Tax Services
Latvia: Tax Services
Lithuania: Tax Services
Malta: Tax Services
Poland: Tax Services
Romania: Tax Services
Russia: Tax Services
Slovakia: Tax Services
Slovenia: Tax Services
Australia: Tax Services
Brunei Darussalam: Tax Services
Hong Kong SAR: Tax Services
Malaysia: Tax Services
New Zealand: Tax Services
Singapore: Tax Services
Vanuatu: Tax Services
Qatar: Tax Services
Primary location: Hastings, United Kingdom
Other Locations Tanzania,  Bangladesh,  Macau SAR,  Latvia,  Kenya,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Somalia,  Rwanda,  India,  Serbia,  Saudi Arabia,  Peru,  Luxembourg,  Sudan,  Ireland,  Ethiopia,  Honduras,  Romania,  Ghana,  United Arab Emirates,  Armenia,  Canada,  Equatorial Guinea,  Croatia,  Australia,  Malawi,  Suriname,  Cape Verde,  Fiji Islands,  Namibia,  South Korea,  Moldova,  Guatemala,  Oman,  Liechtenstein,  Central African Republic,  Macedonia,  Burkina Faso,  Sierra Leone,  Costa Rica,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Pakistan,  Cuba,  Vietnam,  Switzerland,  New Zealand,  Andorra,  Djibouti,  Mauritius,  Malta,  Gambia,  Uruguay,  United Kingdom,  Morocco,  Uzbekistan,  Dominican Republic,  Tonga,  Czech Republic,  Burundi,  Slovenia,  Ecuador,  Greece,  Georgia,  Bahrain,  Thailand,  Zimbabwe,  Slovakia,  Norway,  Senegal,  Swaziland,  Benin,  Bahamas,  Angola,  Eritrea,  Hong Kong SAR,  Qatar,  Hungary,  Iraq,  Jamaica,  Kyrgyzstan,  F.S. of Micronesia,  Poland,  Panama,  Palestinian Territories,  Montenegro,  Vanuatu,  Belgium,  Finland,  France,  Maldives,  Tunisia,  Niger,  Nicaragua,  Comoros,  Cambodia,  Papua New Guinea,  Mexico,  Lithuania,  Belarus,  Zambia,  Japan,  Bulgaria,  Italy,  Myanmar,  Mauritania,  Grenada,  East-Timor,  Laos,  Chad,  Kosovo,  Spain,  Yemen,  Argentina,  Kazakhstan,  Mali,  Lesotho,  Colombia,  Russia,  Iran,  Monaco,  Botswana,  Ivory Coast,  Bhutan,  Guinea-Bissau,  Philippines,  Cyprus,  Belize,  Sri Lanka,  Austria,  Mongolia,  Indonesia,  D.P. Congo,  Guyana,  Gabon,  United States,  Venezuela,  Madagascar,  Egypt,  Seychelles,  Chile,  Albania,  Iceland,  Kuwait,  Guinea,  Sweden,  Turkey,  Syria,  Israel,  Singapore,  Mozambique,  Jordan,  Libya,  El Salvador,  Nepal,  Paraguay,  Liberia,  Germany,  Lebanon,  Algeria,  Ukraine,  Nigeria,  China,  Haiti,  Denmark,  Netherlands,  Estonia,  Togo,  South Africa,  San Marino,  Brunei Darussalam,  Uganda,  Brazil,  Azerbaijan,  Bolivia,  Turkmenistan,  Tajikistan,  Cameroon,  Taiwan,  North Korea,  Portugal,  Malaysia,  Congo,  Afghanistan
Date of creation: 1992




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