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Manufacturers Representatives In Mexico in Mexico

Mexico Representation

Manufacturers Representatives In Mexico, Mexico

Primary location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Main Area of Expertise: Sales Agents in Mexico


Ed Juline

CEO / General Manager

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Languages spoken

  • Main:   English

Company Location

Current clients include:

We have done business with major automotive, appliance, electronics and general industrial clientes throughout Mexico.

Overview of Mexico Representation

Helping Your Business Succeed in Mexico


Helping Your Business Succeed in Mexico

If you are a small or medium sized business and you know there’s a market for your products in Mexico but don’t have the resources to have a presence in Mexico, we can help.

What We Offer:

    * Representation of companies outside of Mexico looking to grow their customer base by selling into Mexico.

    * Sourcing of offshore low cost suppliers within Mexico for export.

Why Mexico Representation?

    * Experience on the supplier and customer sides of the Mexican manufacturing industry. We know NAFTA inside and out and have intimate understanding of the Mexican supply chains and its players.

    * Extensive portfolio of contacts in a variety of industries. Whether it’s the electronics, appliance, automotive or medical industries, we are one phone call away from finding the right person for our clients needs.

    * US/European knowledge of Mexican risk mitigation. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for our clients, we have lived through ye

Website: http://www.mexicorepresentation.com
Category of expertise: Mexico: Sales Agents , Management Consulting, Business Start-Up Services, Country Risk, Foreign Direct investment, Interpreting, Translation Services, Business Intelligence, Business Development, International Trade Consulting, Custom Manufacturing, Manufacturing Management, Sourcing Services, Distributors
Primary location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 10/1/2009
Number of employees: 5
Annual sales & revenues: 5000000


Recommendations posted on GlobalTrade.net

  • Chris Domanski wrote on 10-01-2012

    Ed Juline is very good at what he does. He's helped me identify Mexico suppliers multiple times and he's always done it promptly. I would highly recommend him.

  • Hassan Hamdan wrote on 10-04-2012

    I have known Ed Juline for several years. He is very good at what he does. He is well connected in Mexico and he is an excellent source of information and always willing to help you. He is a true bicultural (USA – Mexico) professional. Ed - Thanks for your help!

  • Matthew Ellis wrote on 10-02-2012

    Ed and his team provide excellent customer service and brilliant follow up on your needs. Great guy to work with and great resources for a variety of needs. Mexico Representation was a good asset in locating sources for some hard to find products.

  • Alex Logan wrote on 01-30-2016

    Looking for reps in Mexico for our cold chain products. Alex @ techniice.com

  • Derek Barclay wrote on 10-03-2012

    I've worked with Ed for 12 years and he has an paralleled combinative of energy and networking skills that ensure he will deliver and delight his customers. Ed has worked in key roles on both sides of the Mexico import/export equation and bears the scars of experience that will greatly reduce his customers' risks and costs.

  • Luis Garcia Osuna wrote on 10-04-2012

    Knowing Ed for several years now, he and his Team, Mexico Representation, are THE solution for your rep. opportunities locally. Bottom line driven: Customer satisfaction. Reliable and Pro. Excellent contacts database for your needs.

  • Alexandra Abreu wrote on 05-26-2014

    Dear All if you want to expand your business of clothing for europe I can forward services and prices of production. I'm from Portugal. I live in the most concentrated textile and clothing area. Porto Braga Guimaraes. leave contact alexandra.s.abreu @ gmail.com

  • Miguel Arredondo wrote on 10-01-2012

    I was lucky to get in contcat with Ed for an important project at my previous company. In my current assignment, he's helping source some specialty materials that we were having trouble locating. His advise and network are truly top notch.

  • Rick Hohenstein wrote on 10-01-2012

    Ed is a great resource for a business looking to expand production into Mexico. I called Ed with an opportunity and within a week he had 4 contract manufacturers lined up who were able to do the builds we were looking to produce. I will call Ed again in the future should I have need for his services.

  • Jerry Leth wrote on 10-04-2012

    Ed Julie joined MANA last year and volunteers time and effort to help us create relevant programs for our members. He runs a professional rep business and I recommend Ed with confidence.

  • Michael Lloyd wrote on 10-06-2012

    I have known and worked with Ed for many years and can speak highly for his capabilities and focus on winning solutions for his customers.

  • Eric Kessler wrote on 10-04-2012

    Ed Juline and his company, Mexico Representation, have assisted us in expanding our business in Mexico as well as sourcing local partners for contract manufacturing. Ed and his team are very professional.

  • Claudia Grossi wrote on 10-01-2012

    I have known Ed Juline for several years, he is professional and very well connected. I highly recommend Ed as an excellent source of contacts and suppliers in Mexico.

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References and clients: We have done business with major automotive, appliance, electronics and general industrial clientes throughout Mexico.

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