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Sales Agents & Representation in Brazil


Sales Agents & Representation, Brazil

Primary location: Campinas, Brazil
Main Area of Expertise: Sales Agents in Brazil


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Intrade Ltd operates in Brazil since 1994 based in Sao Paulo, we are dedicated to the international trade business consultancy, we have more than 18 years of strong experience offering representation services, sourcing services, entry market plans, sales agents services for Brazilian and foreign companies that intend to extend their operations and sales in Latin America and Brazil.

Website: http://www.intradeltd.com.br
Category of expertise: Brazil: Sales Agents , Starting In Import/Export, Telecommunications, Business Start-Up Services, International Trade Consulting, Market Entry, Business Development, Sourcing Services, Construction Sales and Distribution, Distributors, Electronics/Telecom. Sales and Distribution, Export Management, Machinery Sales and Distribution, Trading Companies
Primary location: Campinas, Brazil
Other Locations Mexico
Languages spoken: English , French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
Date of creation: 05/07/1994
Number of employees: 5


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    Herewith we introduce our selves as a Manufacturer & Exporters of Process Control Instruments & Factory Automation Systems, Industrial automation Process control Instruments Flow Metering System Panel building turnkey Projectd

  • Farukh Sheikh wrote on 12-13-2016

    Hello, Very Good Morning, i had gone through your website, we are very much interested to export our products to Mexico. Kindly let me know how we can move forward for further process. I request you to please go through below my company profile with the products we are like to export in international market... Greeting! I wish you will receive this letter in best of your health and Prosperity. Motonity Exports has launched its Export Division in India and abroad, to augments our strong presence of Quality Products of Industrial as well as Automobile based for all the people worldwide. We are here committed to establish our brand presence in Industrial as well as Automobile Products worldwide. Motonity Exports, enjoys the unchallenged loyalty of our Agents, Distributors and foremost the faith of customers since we have been receiving constant requirements of Industrial as well as Automobile products. Motonity Exports is already exporting its Products to countries like Gul

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