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Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd

Director Sales and Marketing, Australia

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Overview of Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd


Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd
ABN  85 146 972 287
Licenced Meat Exporter 3122

Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd   is an  international trading group. that deals in the export of Red Meat Products from Australia to a number of international destinations. Our  success and continued viability is dependent on providing a reliable service whilst providing our  customers with the quality and quantity of product required.
It is Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd policy not to accept orders that cannot be completed without complying with
• Customers specifications
• AUS-MEAT  Accreditation and
• Customer country requirements

Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd will endeavour through all means possible to ensure that customers are satisfied with its service and Australian meat products thus ensuring the long term viability of Meat Traders (Aus) Pty Ltd and the Australian Meat Industry.

Signed :       Paula Sims        Date:  14th January 2013
Position:     Director  Sales and Marketing.

Category of expertise: Australia: Food/Agricultural Sales and Distribution 
Primary location: Perth, Australia
Languages spoken: English
Date of creation: 2011




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