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Commodity Trading, brokerage & procurement in United Kingdom

Reneport ltd

Commodity Trading, brokerage & procurement, United Kingdom

Primary location: London, United Kingdom
Main Area of Expertise: Export Management in the United Kingdom


James Behan

CEO / General Manager

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  • Main:   English
  • French
  • Korean
  • Portuguese

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RenePort ltd are active export traders and brokers of physical goods. Our core activities involve the trading of semi-finished raw materials and commodities. This currently includes stone, timber & biomass products. We are actively seeking to expand our offering in the commodities space as we build relationships with reliable producers in niche market sectors. We are based in the heart of London with a strong global network giving us the ability to deliver worldwide.

Website: http://www.reneport.com
Category of expertise: United Kingdom: Export Management , Sourcing Services, Commodity Sales and Distribution, Construction Sales and Distribution, Distributors, Energy Sales and Distribution, Metal Sales and Distribution, Trading Companies
Primary location: London, United Kingdom
Other Locations Latvia
Languages spoken: English , French, Korean, Portuguese
Date of creation: 20/08/2011


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