Manufacturing and distribution of fertilizers in Italy


Manufacturing and distribution of fertilizers, Italy

Main Area of Expertise: Manufacturing Management in Italy

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Overview of Tecnobell


Tecnobell is the result of the long experience of people who devoted their lives to understanding and grasping the real needs of the agricultural world.It is our duty to respect and safeguard the environment in which we produce and our mission is to support with a special nutrition, the result of constant research and development, all the phenological phases of crops in order to provide the consumer with a healthier and cleaner food.

Our products include:

• Solid fertilizers made with a combinations of micro-elements.
• Liquid Organo-minerals bio-stimulants formulated for the development of plant.
• Plant nutrients made with organic elements as humic acids or fulvic acids.
• Plant nutrients made with mineral elements.
• Solid or liquid Foliar NPK in different compositions.
• Solid or liquid Radical NPK in different compositions.
• Liquid phosphorous-based fertilizers.
• Granular NPK made with both, organic and mineral elements.

Category of expertise: Italy: Manufacturing Management , Custom Manufacturing, Chemical Sales and Distribution, Commodity Sales and Distribution, Export Management
Primary location: Bellizzi, Italy
Languages spoken: English , Italian
Date of creation: 2015




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Manufacturing and distribution of fertilizers:Italy

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