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Type of Production
Industry represents 35% of GDP but only 15% of exports.
The leading production is the automobile sector. Argentina also has skills in terms of equipment, transport and agricultural material.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
Federation of Argentinian Automotive Repairers
Association of Autorails Factories
Association of agricultural machinery manufacturers
Argentine Chamber of  Footwear Manufacturers and Supplier
Association of Argentinian Factories of Components

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
OEMs in Argentina are generally manufacturers of spare parts for the automobile industry. The Argentine company Taranto, based in San Luis, offers seals to big automobile manufacturers both on the local and international markets. In general the big manufacturers are present in Argentina (Valeo, Fauresia, Plastic Omnium, etc.).
Original Design Manufacturers
Not many in Argentina, except in the automobile sector. Numerous small companies make custom-made parts, the material and the machines being sometimes even financed by their clients.
Sub-contracting in Argentina can be very uncertain. Many SMEs have appeared over the last few years. But they are under-equipped and do not have qualified personnel. They do not respect schedules, they have problems of quality, but they do no hesitate to respond to all types of tenders. Local sub-contracting is always possible thanks to Argentine ingenuity.
On the other hand, they are not competitive internationally.
Useful Resources
Union of State's Suppliers

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