Distribution Networks in Egypt

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Types of Outlet

Local provisions shops
Small shops, often specialized in one area.  Food (meat, bakery...), clothes, hardware, drugstore, etc...
Food, appliances, clothes, books...
Metro, Hawary, Abu Ashara
Food, appliances, clothes, books, drugstores...
Carrefour, Hyper 1

Evolution of the Retail Sector

Growth and Regulation
It is possible to carry out direct sales in Egypt; nevertheless most of the foreign companies prefer to rely on a local partner company. This choice has the advantage of being closest to the market and consumer expectations. The sales agents, distributors and wholesalers are registered for the most part with the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade. Most of these intermediaries remain generalists. The franchises have also had an unprecedented boom. If in the past they were kept mainly for the restaurant trade (Mc Donald's, Pizza Hut, Baskin & Robin, KFC), they are expanding into new sectors including hotel business, clothing industry, beauty salons, distribution and services.
Market Shares
The market is still dominated by a large number of small family-run stores. The development of mass distribution is a rather recent trend and it only caters to a small fraction of the population having sufficient income. Many private mini-markets having a store space exceeding 100 m2 (Sunny Supermarket, ABC, ALPHA MARKET, METRO) have opened. In addition, several supermarkets have burgeoned in the country and from this point of view the Carrefour group with five supermarkets dominates the field. A more recent trend: the advent of discount supermarkets. For example, the Awlad Ragab group or the Khir Zaman chain. In terms of market shares, the supermarkets and hypermarkets represent 30% of sales compared to 70% for the small family-run stores.
Organizations in the Retail Sector
For further information, please refer the country guide of Buy USA info
For further information, please refer the Egyptian International Trade Point website

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