Industrial Standards in Mexico

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National Standards Organizations
Standards General Direction
Integration in the International Standards Network
Mexico is a member of International Organization for Standardization, International Electrotechnical Commission, International Union of Telecommunication and Pan-American Commission for Technical Standards.
Obligation to Use Standards
The Mexican Official Standards (NOM) are mandatory. They are issued by government agencies. There are voluntary standards (NMX.CC) that can be applied on local, regional or national levels, these are the equivalent to the ISO 9000 standards.  Certificates and laboratory analysis are recognized by the National System of Accreditation and by The National Laboratory of the Construction .
Classification of Standards
Official stamp "NOM" with the name of the ministry of state that issued it.
Assessment of the System of Standardization
Mexicans respect the standards because consumers appreciate them and consider them as a signal of quality and safety for the products and services.  However, the national standards are less known than the Standard ISO 9000.
Online Consultation of Standards
Catalog of Official Mexican Standards (NOM's)
Certification Organizations
Association of Standards and Certification
Mexican Institute of Standard and Certification
Electronics Standards and Certification
Organization of National Standards and Certification for Building and Construction

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