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Last updated: 15 Dec 2012

Really! There is a way to get your money back from sly scammers without the police nor costly lawyers within 90 days. You cheat the cheaters and here is how...

Getting your money back from Clever China Cheaters… Forget the cops and the lawyers – these guys cheat the cheaters! By George B. Lewis, CPA Get a refund from sly scammers? Mission Impossible? Not any more. In fact, since 2009 a former air traffic controller and Florida private investigator has recovered over $12 million USD for 167 victims of various scams and frauds perpetrated by clever china cheaters. The schemes range from common street swindles to sophisticated white collar frauds involving forged financial statements and even corrupt bankers and government officials. Foreigners employed in China account for half of his business while overseas importers account for another 30%. The balance of victims are usually investors. Almost half are lured to their unfortunate fate through the internet. This writer agreed not to reveal their "unusual" methods but these Beijing Robin Hoods do not use lawyers nor huge thugs to collect the money from the cunning Chinese cheats. Instead they use psychology, actors, and famous Chinese "face". Their company is called International Recovery Services or IRS for short. So now those three initials not only strike terror in the hearts of Americans, but Chinese shysters as well. To date IRS President "Kenny" (not his real name) has an 88% success rate and when you visit this blog you will understand why! Kenny doesn't just help foreigners but even local Chinese who were victimized by foreign scams. In fact, his biggest single recovery was $700,000 of land stolen from Chinese peanut farmers in Shandong Province by a corrupt government official. But his most famous case was bringing down the infamous “Beijing Bandit” who was operating a fraudulent finance company known as American Independent Capital Group which stole over $3 Million dollars from Beijing residents and foreign investors as well. Kenny himself was a victim of a clever Chinese investment scam that cost him a $60,000 loss in 2008. It involved selling American and Canadian lottery tickets in China - too complicated to explain here. But after he found an ingenious way to recover all of his money in 2009, he decided other victims could benefit from his secret collection method. So at first he helped his friends, then friends of friends, and today he has become the Robin Hood of Beijing, with plans to open an office in Shanghai next month. Today word of mouth is getting him dozens of calls every day, but he now only accepts cases of $50,000 or more and his recovery crew recently doubled due to some free seminars he gave to the Beijing Business community. So bookmark this article and when it’s your turn to be fooled by a clever china cheater you will have this email address that may help you sleep better at night (within90days[at] To help you from becoming a victim in the first place, visit the above blog and learn the 12 red flags of a Chinese scam. You will also be able to read about some past horror stories and laugh at just how dumb people can be when greed fills the space between their ears instead of gray matter. --------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: The author is now a retired forensic accountant and CPA formerly with Ernst & Young for over twelve years before going into private practice. These days he resides with his wife in South China writing, gardening, and periodically still consulting on tough-nut fraud cases. We thank him for his wise advise and sharing stories like these with us.
Posted: 04 October 2012, last updated 15 December 2012

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