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Last updated: 24 Sep 2011

Newsletter containing International Trade related articles and events. Signup at http://www.ebsi.ie Our third issue features: ICC Banking Commission Meeting in Brussels approves URDG 758 Upskilling for Global Competition EBRD Conference on the affectos of the Global Financial Crisis Doc Credit Clinic with Vincent O'Brien Weblinks for Exporters Coverage of the ICC Banking Commission meeting in Dubai Country Focus - China Expert Commentary - US Customs Regulations IFC Backs New FIT e-Learning Program in Vietnam, Cambodia and Nigeria China Systems Update Doing Business in... Russia Every issue the topics covered will include the latest developments in International Trade Practice, Customs, Finance of International Trade and International Marketing, Logistics and eBusiness issues for international traders, expert commentaries and more!

? URDG 758 APPROVED............ 1 9 Year in Review TradeBrief ISSUE 3 200 ? ELEARNING INITIATIVE FOR eBSI EXPORTERS ................................ 2 ? DOC CREDIT CLINIC ................ 4 .. ? ICC BANKING COMMISSION COVERAGE DUBAI 2009 ??? ... 5 ? WEBLINKS FOR EXPORTERS..... 8 ? IFC FIT INITIATIVE................... 9 ? COUNTRY FOCUS - CHINA........ 13 ? US CUSTOMS ARTICLE ............ 16 ? IDB TRADE FINANCE SEMINAR . 22 ? DOING BUSINESS IN RUSSIA..... 23 Annual Review for 2009 ICC Banking Commission Meeting in Brussels approves URDG 758. Brussels, Belgium At its meeting held in Brussels on 23-24 November 2009, the ICC Banking Commission unanimously approved its new Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758) in a historic vote. The new rules, the first in 18 years have also been adopted / endorsed by the ICC Commission on Commercial Law & Practice and the ICC Executive Board. The revised rules shall apply to demand guarantees worth hundreds of billions of dollars securing monetary and performance obligations in a wide array of international and domestic contracts the world over and will come into force on 01 July 2010. The new rules were drafted by a Drafting Group comprising of seven people in the world who were identified by the ICC in Paris on the basis of their background, experience and expertise in the area of demand guarantees and international trade finance. The exercise that commenced in April 2007 was an intensive effort spanning a period of over two and a half years. Numerous promotional and educational events will be organised by ICC HQ. www.ebsi.ie 1 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI News & Commentary /$ Directors Note Welcome to 2010! 2009 was a challenging year IITI Graduation November 2009 for the eBSI team, but we relish challenge and in every IITI uses innovations in eLearning to upskill challenge there is an Exporters for global competition. opportunity. Dublin, Ireland The full force of the financial Whatever way you look at it, Ireland is dependent on Export business to bring recover to the economy and continue development. According to Vincent O?Brien, crisis came to bear on the Director of electronic learning specialists, eBSI Export Academy, ?The Celtic Tiger got trade finance markets during fat and lethargic during the boom times - To survive and prosper in the international 2009. business jungle the Tiger must be fit. To get fit training is required, and the training needs to be tough, practical, task oriented, flexible and empowering but in the end The impact of the financial deliver tangible added value.? crisis was the central theme of the ICC Banking Commission The Forfas Future Skills Report has identified an essential requirement: ?The up- Meeting held in Dubai, UAE skilling and training of the resident population must be seen as the primary response from 10 to 12 March 2009. to skill shortages. Developing the work force at all levels is crucial to Ireland?s sustained economic development?. It was heartening to see the But questions remain! What skill sets are needed by Irish export operations staff to leading commercial banks, the meet the challenges? How can training that meets requirements be delivered in an WTO and the multilateral efficient and measurable manner? Can the logistical challenges of delivering development banks coming consistent certified training across a new multicultural workforce be overcome? together under the Challenging questions but Mr O?Brien believes that the new innovative approach, stewardship of the ICC spearheaded by the IITI, is the correct one. ?The new IITI Diploma in Export Banking Commission meeting Operations by eLearning addresses these issues head on, the DEO delivers quality to focus on the challenges and approved content across a self regulating educational platform. This puts learners in to deliver on solutions for the the driving seat. Pre-determined objectives must be met along a road map to the international trading qualification. eLearning which is driven by technology enables individuals or community. organisations to accelerate their knowledge acquisition, depending on their specific needs?. eBSI is merely a small cog in With changes in compliance requirements happening on an almost daily basis, a the wheels of international major challenge was how the new eLearning Diploma can keep abreast of such trade and finance but we are changes and build them into a knowledge based learning system. pleased to have provided technical assistance in trade According to John Whelan, ??This was a major challenge when we were designing the finance in more than 30 elearning Diploma, but eventually we came up with the innovative solution of having countries during 2009. standardised approved content-rich learning modules developed and verified. These verified modules are then supported and integrated into an online ?24/7/365? learning Thank you for your ongoing platform, where time sensitive material is available through a network of online support and being par tutors and trade practitioners? t of the eBSI trade professional team. With practical direction and support from FÁS the IITI initiated the development of the elearning Diploma in Export Operations (DEO). Wishing you success in all your endeavours du This 2 year elearning Diploma delivers fundamental knowledge essentials in the first ring 2010. year by incorporating the stand alone certification International Trade Specialist Accreditation (ITS). Vincent O?Brien In Year Two, more strategic elements are addressed: Export Marketing Management, Logistics and the Supply Chain, and the Law of International Trade. In Year Two learners must develop and present a goal oriented Global Trade Study. Further details and a course syllabus can be obtained by contacting Thomas Smith at ts@ebsi.ie. www.ebsi.ie 2 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI News & Commentary EBRD Conference on Financial Crisis - London London, United Kingdom As part of its response to the International Financial Crisis, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organised an international conference for its issuing banks and confirming banks to look at how various regions within its countries of operations were being affected by the financial turmoil in the international markets. Vincent O?Brien delivered a presentation on the ICC Survey on Trade Finance. Mr. Marc Auboin, of the World Trade Organisation with Mr. Rudolph Putz, head of the EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme A major theme noted among almost all participants of the conference was the universal downward trend in volumes of trade being managed by banks around the world. The drying up of liquidity and lack of finance has had a disastrous effect in some countries. The debate focused on actions that can be taken by the major stakeholder in trade and finance to provide a stimulus to trade, increase liquidity and promote risk sharing between commercial banks, the multilaterals as well as the export credit insurance agencies. Above: Vincent O?Brien presenting in EBRD HQ in London Below: Dmitriu Predius of Mobias Bank, Moldova who was one of the invited Issuing bank speakers for the conference. www.ebsi.ie 3 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI Doc. Credit Clinic Vincent O?Brien Tackles another UCP query ? ?The Seven Year Itch? Q 2010/01 - We have had a high value standby LC on our books for approximately 7 years. It was originally issued subject to UCP 500 then amended to UCP 600. The standby is an evergreen in structure in that should we as issuing bank not issue an instruction limiting the expiry date, then the standby automatically extends for a further period of 12 calendar months. The Standby covers performance under a major commercial property development in the Middle East. Expert Profile Given the increased turbulence in the financial markets our bank Name: Vincent O?Brien decided to reduce our ongoing exposure and issued the instruction Position: First Director Employer: eBSI referenced in the original standby limiting the exposure to the Location: Kiltimagh, Ireland currently valid expiry date. On the day the credit was to expire, our Specialisation: International Trade Finance bank received a fax transmission of the one document called for in the Contact: vob@ebsi.ie standby ?signed statement of default? before close of our banking hours. We are of the view that as the credit called for a ?signed statement of default?? then the document presented must be an original document bearing an original signature and that a mere fax transmission (despite the data content in the fax transmitted document matching requirements in the credit) does not comply. The document as printed out of our fax machine had the word ?original? embedded as what appeared to be a stamp on the document inserted in the senders fax machine that transmitted the message. This fax transmission, as received by ourselves, was not followed by an original statement of default either before or after the credit expired. The credit has expired and we consider our exposure terminated. However, the beneficiary has threatened court action if our bank does not as they say ?honour the LC obligation?. Here are our questions; 1. If the Standby is silent as to whether an original or copy of document is required, please affirm your agreement that any presented document must be an original. 2. Please affirm that once the credit has expired it, is too late to substitute the fax transmitted document with an original document in its place? 3. Accordingly, please confirm that as a result of 1 and 2 above, our bank has no financial obligations as the credit has now expired? We appreciate that your opinion has no legal value, but we intend to send your response to the beneficiary to help them understand the situation. Answer: Thank you for clarifying that my opinion has no ?legal value? as this frees me from any legal consequence from answering your three questions above in a direct fashion. Based on the information provided, questions 1 and 2 are straightforward but number 3 may not be an answer you wish to transmit to the beneficiary. 1. Yes, I affirm that as the credit is silent as to whether an original or copy is to be presented, then the document here constituting the presentation must be an original. Not alone is this common sense but to provide clarification this requirement has been articulated in UCP 600, sub-article 17 (a) ?At least one original of each document stipulated in the credit must be presented?. Remember, the ICC Banking Commission policy statement, document 470/871(Rev), titled ?The determination of an ?Original? document in the context of UCP 500 remains valid under UCP 600. Paragraph 3.5 of this policy statement makes it clear in that ?banks treat as non-original any document that is produced at the bank's telefax machine?. 2. Yes, I can also affirm that the beneficiary must make a complying presentation not later than the expiry date of the credit. As explained under point one, the document did not comply as it was not an original and the credit did not allow for presentation of a copy. 3. It is clear that we agree that the fax document did not comply and we also agree that once the credit has expired the beneficiary can not substitute a presented document or make a further presentation for examination. However, we are not in agreement that the bank is free from any financial obligation under this credit. I would argue that the facts, as related, clearly evidence that your bank received a ?presentation? and even though it has been determined that the presentation did not comply, as your bank decided to adopt a ?wait and see approach? and did not issue a notice of refusal then as directed in UCP 600, sub-article 16, (f) ?the issuing bank shall be precluded from claiming that the documents do not constitute a complying presentation? and consequently your bank has the financial obligation to honour. www.ebsi.ie 4 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI ICC Banking Commission ? Dubai UAE Dubai Banking Commission Meeting Highlights Dubai, United Arab Emirates ICC, in association with ICC United Arab Emirates and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), hosted a major ICC Banking Commission meeting in Dubai from 10-12 March at the Dubai Chamber Auditorium. The meeting ? sponsored by Mashreq Bank and China Systems ? was the first Banking Commission Meeting held in the Gulf and was attended by eminent banking professionals from over 100 countries. Primary multilateral institutions, including the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and leading commercial banks focused on the challenges facing trade as a result of the financial crisis. The high-profile event entitled 2009 ? Crossroads for Trade and Preliminary findings of the ICC Technology ? brought together approximately 400 professionals to research Rethinking Trade Finance provide in-depth coverage of the financial crisis. 2009: An ICC Survey, were presented to delegates on 12 March. ?International trade activity in goods and services remains the cornerstone support of our financial system, facilitating economic China Systems, the leading vendor expansion as well as international cooperation and development,? said of trade processing systems Guy Sebban, ICC Secretary General. ?However, after many years of presented a positive perspective in rapid growth, the hard-earned benefits of global trade advancement trends in trade processing and trade hang precariously in the balance.? www.ebsi.ie 5 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI ICC Banking Commission ? Dubai UAE Dubai Banking Commission Meeting ? Social Events Mashreq Bank Dinner Reception Dr.Georges Affakki, Vice Chair of the ICC Banking Mashreqbank hosted the gala dinner for the ICC Banking Commission with Senior members of Mashreq bank. Commission. Massod Hussain, Stefan Tryggvason and Joel Schrevens of China Systems with Vincent O?Brien The dinner party was attended by over 200 of the delegates participating in the ICC Banking Commission Dubai Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner Mr. Hassan Al Hashemi Director External Relations of Mr. Vincent O?Brien with members of the organizing team of Dubai Chamber with Vincent O?Brien Dubai Chamber of Commerce the event?s venue host. Richard Barker and Stefan Tryggvason of China Systems Rogers LeBaron IFC, Mona Hadad of World Bank, Daniela Carreras Corporation with their spouses at the gala dinner Marquis IADB, Stephen Beck ADB, Thomas Smith eBSI and Marc Auboin WTO www.ebsi.ie 6 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI ICC Banking Commission ? Dubai UAE FIT Initiative Graduation hosted by ICC Bangladesh in Dhaka on 3 December 2008 Dubai Banking Commission Meeting China Systems Sponsored Desert Safari Vincent O?Brien with some of the 120 delegates who Daniela Carrera Marquis of IADB with Marc Auboin of WTO with participated in the China Systems Safari Massood Hussein at the China Systems desert safari. Maximilian Burger-Scheidlin, Executive Director, ICC Austria and Massood Hossain of China Systems fly the flag! Vincent O?Brien of eBSI explains the true meaning of ?arms length? relationships! Traffic Jam in the desert! Thomas Smith with Kifaya Hamami at the China Systems Desert Safari www.ebsi.ie 7 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Weblinks for Exporters eBSI Weblinks for Exporters is a new section that will provide you every issue with websites recommended by our course participants as being of particular use to them in their international Trade Activities! Websites that can be considered for inclusion in this section include but are not limited to International Trade, Trade Finance and Logistics sites such as: ? Business Networking Sites ? References or Blogs If you have a site to recommend then send it ? Import Export Directories to Weblinks for Exporters at weblinks@ebsi.ie! ? Country Portals Very informative website with blogs and podcasts relating Exportaid was founded in 2001 to help to international business. Recent items covered include ?3 businesses throughout the world with their Keys to Global Business in Today?s Economy?; a podcast on international trade requirements. The company ?Global Business Today, Opportunity or Challenge?; and ?Do currently supports businesses in more than 60 You have an Export Strategy??. countries. http://globalbusinessperspectives.com http://www.exportaid.co.uk International Network of Export Argonaut (argo0) is a web based community for the commercial Consultants, Marketing and Project Management Specialists shipping sector. Argo0 gives you access to the most whose primary focus is to help comprehensive maritime glossary online and for ICS members exporters enter new markets. and students, a wealth of information in the ICS Members Area. http://www.theexportnetwork.com/ http://www.argo0.com/ Looking for marine transportation links, maritime Coastline Solutions deliver top quality Online services, yacht and boat supplies, shipping cruise Training in Documentary Credits, Documentary and sea freight links, bunkerfuels and bunkering, Collections, Online Doc Credit reference DCPRO, information about a port, harbour or marina? and advanced Doc Credit training DC MASTER and This should be your first ?Port? of call! ISP Master all ideal for Trade Banking and serious http://www.worldportsource.com traders! Visit http://www.coastlinesolutions.com LinkedIn is one of the largest business networking sites in the Tradeprofessional.net is a Business Ryze helps people make world with members drawing Networking Site dedicated only to connections and grow their primarily from North America but International Traders and includes a trade networks. You can network to grow with significant further reach. Jobsite, Blogs, Forums, Events, groups and your business, build your career Excellent business networking online Marketplace. Highly Recommended! and life, find a job and make sales. and jobsite for all business! http://www.tradeprofessional.net http://ryze.com/ http://www.linkedin.com www.ebsi.ie 8 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI IFC FIT Initiative IFC FIT INITIATIVE GOES FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH From Launch to Graduation in 5 countries! FIT Initiative Launch held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 1 July 2009 2009 saw the IFC Finance of International Trade elearning Initiative go from strength to strength with a third group commencing their studies in Bangladesh and Pakistan and launches in Nigeria, Vietnam and Cambodia. As is now the norm for this important Trade Finance qualification, a series of events were organised to mark the graduations of the second contingent of Bangladeshi and Pakistani participants and for the launches of the program in Nigeria, Vietnam and Cambodia. This extended intake of participants was the biggest yet, showing the market need for this certification program with over 150 participants enrolling among the 5 participating countries. The IFC ?FIT Initiative? is an e-learning Online Collaboration Site for stakeholders program that is designed with an important To leverage the network aspect of the 'FIT' dual purpose: Initiative all stakeholders (participants, tutors 1. to train and certify international trade and coordinators) will have access to an online finance professionals networking and collaboration system designed to 2. to build an online global network of facilitate exchange of ideas and contact building. international trade and finance professionals who will share knowledge and experience on Online Interactive Core Learning Material an online platform specifically developed for The Finance of International Trade (FIT) course the program is comprised of the following Learning Units: * Methods of Payment This Three Month program is delivered in a * Bills of Exchange combination of the following learning * Documentary Collections elements: * Documentary Credits * Import Documentary Credits Online Support site for students * Bonds & Guarantees Students will be incorporated into the eBSI * Forfaiting, Factoring & Invoice Discounting Alumni and will be able to collaborate through * Structured Trade Finance a purpose built learning platform. * Export Credit Agencies * Complex Transactions Online Specialised training in UCP 600 Vincen * Warehouse Financing t O?Brien with ?FIT? Graduates from Pakistan ICC Approved Online Training in UCP 600 * GTFP Trade Facilitation Program (Mentor or Upskill 600). Happy and ?FIT? Graduates from Bangladesh www.ebsi.ie 9 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI IFC FIT Initiative FIT Initiative Launch held in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia on 4 July 2009 The Graduation in Bangladesh was held on 30 May 2009 in Dhaka, under the auspices of ICC Bangladesh. In Pakistan the graduation took place in Karachi. The Institute of Bankers Pakistan continued their generous logistical support to ensure a successful event on 10 June 2009. The first launch in Africa took place with the local support of ICC Nigeria on 12 June. In Vietnam a country launch was organised for 1 July with the support of longtime local partner of eBSI, Hoang Ngiep Training and Consulting and achieved a very significant level of interest as seen in the launch photo on the opposite page. In Cambodia the local coordinator selected was the Association of Banks in Cambodia, with the operational support of their Cambodia Institute of Banking. This together with the enthusiastic support of Acleda Bank, IFC?s only Issuing bank in Cambodia ensured a successful launch there on 3 July, 2009. Besides graduations for all countries, a further country roll-out has been planned in Kenya in the second quarter of 2010. The FIT Initiative provides graduates with international certification and integrates them into a growing network. See http://www.ifcfitinitiative.net. Next Intake Dates for the IFC FIT Initiative The next program intakes will take place in the following countries in June 2010 Bangladesh, contact Ataur Rahman, Bangladesh@ifcfitinitiative.net Pakistan, contact Umar Farooq, Pakistan@ifcfitinitiative.net Nigeria, contact Arije Abdulrasaq, Nigeria@ifcfitinitiative.net Vietnam, contact Martin Nguyen, Vietnam@ifcfitinitiative.net Cambodia, contact Cambodia@ifcfitinitiative.net Kenya, contact Kenya@ifcfitinitiative.net For other countries please contact info@ifcfitinitiative.net IFC FIT Launch in Nigeria Mrs Omolara Akanji, Vincent O?Brien and Bunmi Funke Project Partners in the IFC FIT Initiative eBSI Gratefully acknowledges the participation and contribution provided to the success of this project by the following project participants: Ahmed Shaheen receives his certificate at event in Dhaka, Bangladesh www.ebsi.ie 10 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI IFC Graduation ? ICC Nigeria FIT Initiative Launch held in Lagos Nigeria on 12 June 2009 Lagos, Nigeria With the gracious and enthusiastic support of ICC?s National Committee in Nigeria The IFC FIT Initiative achieved a very significant intake of participants in its launch in Nigeria on 12 June 2009. High profile speakers attended the event including the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria along with other industry figures. The Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Tunde Lemo and Chief O. Osunkeye, Chairman of ICC Nigeria at the formal launch of the IFC FIT Initiative in Nigeria Thomas Smith with FIT Initiative Graduates in Nigeria Following this solid launch with 70 participants joining the IFC FIT Program a graduation event was organised in the th mark of the ICC Nigeria?s 10 anniversary celebrations. Thomas Smith of eBSI joined leading luminaries from Nigerian business and academia to congratulate the graduates of the first group of FIT Graduates! Representatives of the Vice President of Nigeria and Governor of the state of Lagos were among those attending. th ?FIT? Graduates celebrating their achievement inof Happy 10 Anniversary to ICC Nigeria! ICC Nigeria Secretary-General Mrs Bunmi Funke Lagos Nigeria was among the first Nigerian FIT Graduates www.ebsi.ie 11 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI China Systems Update Dubai, United Arab Emirates China Systems held the position as exclusive technology sponsor at the ICC Banking Commission Meeting in Dubai, UAE held in March 2009. This was particularly important as despite the downturn in trade activity across the globe, China Systems are experiencing unprecedented demand for services and systems. The theme of the ICC Banking Commission Meeting of ?Dubai 2009 ? Crossroads for Trade and Technology? was particularly appropriate to China Systems given it has been based in this dynamic trade hub for over 10 years. Stefan Tryggvason said ?It is clear that Trade has once again taken centre stage in international banking and this phenomenon together with counterparties seeking security through traditional trade finance instruments has increased demand for Stefan Tryggvason addresses the the China Systems Product Portfolio?. The prestigious international event was held ICC Banking Commission members at the prestigious Dubai Chamber of for the first time in the middle east marking the region?s growing importance as a Commerce Auditorium financial centre. China Systems Gets 4th Straight Win as Best Trade Finance Solutions Provider in GTR Magazine?s readers? polls September 2009. World leading trade services solutions provider China Systems is Number 1 again, according to the results of Global Trade Review?s 2009 readers? polls. China Systems has won the Leading IT Provider of Trade Finance Solutions award from the prestigious magazine for fourth year running, having first topped its annual readers? survey in 2006, the The Ch Global Trade Review is a major ina Sysyems International Trade year that the category was introduced. Trade Finance Publication which Specialist Scholarship for 2009 worth 2,000 China Systems is the vendor of the awards leaders in the areas of Global euro was awarded to Ms Souzan Tarazi of Trade and Finance in various Duba Eximbills Trade Finance System. i Bank ? Congratulations Souzan! categories on an annual basis. Eximbills Trade Finance System earns SWIFTReady label for 2009 August 2009. China Systems, world?s premier trade services solutions provider, has been awarded once again the SWIFTReady Application label for Eximbills, its flagship trade finance back-office solution. This makes China Systems one of the only two vendors in the industry this year to have achieved both the SWIFT Trade Finance and TSU labels. Last February, China Systems became the first 2009 awardee of the prestigious SWIFTReady label for TSU. SWIFT awards the SWIFTReady certification to partner vendors with third party applications that have met a specific set of rigidly defined criteria, indicating full conformity with SWIFT requirements. Added in this year?s technical and functional evaluation are the support for the new C2B MT798 envelope messages (i.e. the new SWIFT standard for corporate-to-bank and bank-to-corporate trade data exchanges) and BICPlusIBAN reference data support. The SWIFTReady label status that Eximbills has attained over the years clearly indicates that China Systems? trade finance solution is fully compliant with SWIFT standards, services, and applications in the management and straight-through processing of financial transactions, while providing clients with faster and more reliable integration with the SWIFT global financial community. www.ebsi.ie 12 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI Country Focus - China The Next ICC Banking Commission Basic Economic Facts Meeting will take place in China GDP: $8.767 trillion (2009 est.) GDP per head: $6,500 (2009 est.) Annual Growth: 8.4% (2009 est.) With the upcoming ICC Banking Commission meeting to be hosted by the Inflation: -0.8% (2009 est.) ICC National Committee in China from 21-23 April 2010 in Beijing, eBSI Major Industries: mining and ore Trade Brief has compiled this quick guide to the meeting and useful starting processing, iron, steel, aluminum, and other points for anyone wishing to know more about the most populous market in metals, coal; machine building; armaments; the world. textiles and apparel; petroleum; cement; chemicals; fertilizers; consumer products, The Banking Commission Meeting itself will be preceded on 20 April by a including footwear, toys, and electronics; food processing; transportation equipment, Trade Finance Forum organised by ICC China which will comprise of two including automobiles, rail cars and sessions: a morning session on URDG 758 and Demand Guarantee Practice locomotives, ships, and aircraft; which will be led by Dr. Georges Affaki vice-chair of the ICC Banking telecommunications equipment, commercial Commission and chair of the URDG 758 drafting Group followed by an space launch vehicles, satellites afternoon session Documentary Credit Master class led by ICC Technical Major trading partners: Hong Kong, Advisor Mr Gary Collyer. United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany Exchange rate: (Renminbi Yuan (RMB). The Banking Commission Meeting itself is themed ?Trade Routes to US dollar USD 6.82 Euro EUR 9.32 Recovery?. With this in mind, besides the standard Banking Commission Japanese yen JPY 0.076 activities of discussing new rules and deciding on draft opinions relating to British pound GBP 10.65 Trade Finance Practice, a number of interventions will be focused on Russian rouble RUB 0.223 regional developments following from the global financial crisis, a panel Reserves of foreign exchange and gold: discussion presenting the latest ICC Global Trade Finance Survey 2010, a 2.206 trillion USD panel moderated by Vincent O?Brien comprising the major trade facilitation initiatives will relate their reaction to the credit crisis and elaborate on specific measures taken to maintain and expand their much needed trade supports. The initiatives proposed by the G20 agenda will be explored. The Banking Commission Conference will conclude with a panel discussion on the Globalisation of Trade will focus on the future of trade finance with a special focus on emerging solutions such as supply chain financing, open account trading, e-commerce among other areas. ICC Banking Commission Meeting and Related Events The ICC Banking Commission will be the focal point of a number of events to be held in Beijing, China from 20-23 April 2010. 20 April 2010 9.30 ? 17.00 ICC China Trade Finance Forum 21 April 2010 13.00 - 18.00 ICC Banking Commission Meeting 18.30 ? 20.30 Dinner Reception 22 April 2010 09.00 ? 18.00 ICC Banking Commission Meeting 18.30 ? 20.30 Dinner Reception 23 April 2010 Vincent O?Brien presenting the results of the second 09.00 ? 17.00 Banking Commission Conference ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance at the ICC Trade Routes to Recovery. conference ?Global Trends in Guarantee and Standby LC Practice? attended by over 400 delegates. www.ebsi.ie 13 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI Country Focus - China China?s Contribution to Stabilising Trade Finance Through buying bonds from the IFC, China has supported the IFC's Global Trade Finance Program, which will provide liquidity support to financial institutions engaged in trade finance. In fact, China has provided liquidity to the trade finance programs of a number of regional multilateral development institutions. President Hu Jintao pledged at the G20 summit in Washington in November 2009 that "China is willing to actively participate in the trade financing plan of the IFC". Since it became a formal member of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group in January 2009, China has contributed $200 million, $75 million and $75 million to the IDB, the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Fund under the group, respectively. Port of Dalian ? Gateway to China Mrs. Mahin Faghfouri, President of the International Multimodal Transport Association (IMMTA) and Vincent O?Brien, IMMTA Trade Finance Advisor presents on trends in multimodal th transport at the 4 Global Shipping Summit in Dalian Port China in November 2009. Port of Dalian is the most northern ice-free port in China. It is also the largest multi-purpose port in Northeast China. It is the trade gateway to the Pacific. It is the second largest container transshipment hub in mainland China. Port of Dalian has established trading and shipping links with more than 300 ports in 160 countries and regions of the world. There are 68 international and domestic container shipping routes. Port of Dalian handles at least 100 million in cargo throughput annually. The port has 80 modern berths - 38 are deep water berths for vessels of over 10,000 metric tons deadweight (DWT). Useful Websites on China China Business Marketplace - Alibaba Bank of China http://www.alibaba.com http://www.boc.cn People?s Development Bank of China Ministry of Commerce http://www.pbc.gov.cn/english/ http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/ China Development Bank Doing Business in China http://www.cdb.com.cn/English/index.asp http://www.doingbusiness.org/exploreeconomies/?e China Business Guide conomyid=42 http://china.fita.org/ China Chamber of Commerce & Industry China Coverage from CIA World Fact Book http://www.chinachamber.org.cn/ https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the- Government of China world-factbook/geos/ch.html http://english.gov.cn/ China Business News China Stock Market News http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/ http://www.chinastockmarket.org/ US Government Export Guide to China China Development Gateway http://www.export.gov/china/exporting_to_ch http://en.chinagate.cn/ ina/index.asp?dName=exporting_to_china www.ebsi.ie 14 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI IFC Trade Sales Workshop IFC Trade Finance Applied Sales Course ? Washington 2-6 November 2009 Washington DC, USA A new Trade Finance Course co-developed with Investeq Capital of Kenya was delivered for a multinational audience of issuing banks and trade finance consultants by eBSI?s team of consultants in Washington DC in early November 2009. The Applied Trade Sales Course focuses on techniques and interventions which will allow trade finance marketing personnel and trade operations staff to better structure trade finance offerings and cross-sell related products. Vincent O?Brien was the lead trainer during the Pavel Andrle takes participants through a week long seminar case study on pre-export finance. Lead Tutor for the event Vincent O?Brien and program Applied Trade Sales author Mr. Dan Awendo of Investeq were supported by Program contributions from Mr. Pavel Andrle from Czech Republic, The Applied Trade Sales seminar focused on the following Mrs Monique Philippe of France and Carlos Bacigalupe areas in order to ensure first of all a proper (Spain). IFC?s Staff provided a series of focused understanding of the spectrum of trade finance products a bank can offer and how to structure them, and then interventions on various products and services provided explored the ways these structured offerings could be through the IFC to the banking and private sector. presented to banks clients. Below is a summary of topics covered: Over 40 participants attended the training from IFC?s African and Asian Countries of Operation. * Why is Trade attractive to Banks? * Profitability, low risk, growing market * capital efficiency, easy to monitor, can cross-sell * Distinguishing between Operations and Sales * Financing the trade cycle and associated products * Warehouse Financing and collateral management * Payment and Risk Categories in International Trade * Foreign exchange and managing exchange risk * Understanding the customers contracting * Risk analysis of Trade Products * Trade Sales in Action * Trade Finance Fraud * Global Trends in Trade Finance Products * KYC Toolkit * How to put yourself in your customers shoes? Participants and speakers together at the end of a * Case studies and role play sessions. very successful week?s training! www.ebsi.ie 15 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI Expert Commentary Priority Trade Issues from a US Customs Perspective In the wake of the global economic crisis which is seemingly engulfing commerce worldwide, what can be done to ensure that the economies of nations worldwide remain protected from the full force of the global economic slowdown? There are many programs which governmental agencies around the world can implement in a concerted effort to protect their own national economy from most of the effects of the global economic cr Expert Profile isis. Name: Richard Vitas Palaikis II The global economic crisis will require the leaders and other elected officials Position: Founder of governments worldwide to become heavily engaged in the search for a Employer: North American Logistics LLC Location: Michigan, USA substantial resolution which would ease the burden on their own national Specialisation: US Customs Compliance economy. Some governments already have trade initiatives in place to Contact: rpalaikis@gmail.com protect their national economy from threats worldwide. Since the onset of the global economic crisis the United States Government has been relying heavily on the assistance of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to facilitate the flow of legitimate trade while at the same time filtering out threats to the national economy through the use of priority trade issues. These priority trade issues clearly outline the areas in which customs officials will direct a majority of their attention as it would relate to imported merchandise. In general, these priority trade issues identify areas in which revenue loss could be substantial enough to damage the economy, as well as, identify areas in which the welfare of the general population may be threatened by imported merchandise. What are the priority trade issues which are used by customs officials as they handle the importation of merchandise? These issues encompass a wide and varied variety which would affect various segments of the economy, as well as, the end users of ?questionable? imported merchandise. In the listing below you will find these priority trade issues along with their associated explanation. Agriculture Priority Trade Issue (PTI) The primary purpose of the Agriculture PTI is to ensure that contaminated, diseased, infested and otherwise adulterated agricultural products are prohibited from importation which could harm the general population, plant and animal life, as well as, the overall economy. Antidumping and Countervailing Duties (ADCVD) PTI The primary purpose of the Antidumping and Countervailing Duties (ADCVD) PTI is to ensure that imported merchandise is not sold within the U.S. marketplace at a lesser value than identical or similar domestic merchandise, thus giving the imported merchandise a distinct advantage. These duties will be assessed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection when an unfair trade practice of this nature is discovered. This indirectly protects living standards in developing countries that produce the goods. Import Safety PTI The primary purpose of the Import Safety PTI is to ensure that unsafe products are not imported into the commerce of the United States, as these unsafe products may be hazardous to the general population, plant and animal life, as well as, the environment. Intellectual Property Rights PTI The primary purpose of the Intellectual Property Rights PTI is to ensure that counterfeit and/or pirated merchandise which could potentially harm the economy does not gain entry to the commerce of the United States. Revenue PTI The primary purpose of the Revenue PTI is to ensure that U.S. Customs and Border Protection has established an effective internal control policy for the protection of any duties and taxes which are collected from the importation of merchandise, and that the financial accounting system is compliant with the highest accounting standards. The revenue taken in by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is vital to the funding of various governmental programs; therefore, it absolutely critical that these funds be protected once obtained. Textiles PTI The primary purpose of the Textiles PTI is to ensure that the textile products which are imported fully comply with laws and regulations which have been established to regulate the importation of such materials, and that these importations also comply with free trade agreement provisions, intellectual property provisions, as well as, quotas. Penalties PTI The primary purpose of the Penalties PTI is to ensure that any monetary penalties associated with noncompliance are actually effective in deterring noncompliant activity. In order to ensure that these penalties are successful, their must be an effective channel of communication amongst the various ports of entry and the fines, penalties and forfeitures offices to ensure that all directives are executed in the same manner nationwide. These priority trade issues have been the focus of customs inspectors for quite some time; however, in the recent decline in the global economy these same priority trade issues have again become a focal point for the protection of the U.S. economy and in turn the global trading environment. Certificate in Finance of International Trade Learn all you need to know about Methods of Payment & Finance! ? Online Tutorials with ICC Banking Commission Members Contact us for more details: ? Certified by the Institute of Export UK eBSI Export Academy ? Includes ICC Online Training in UCP 600 Tel: +353 94 9381444 Fax: +353 94 9381708 ? Recognised by International Finance Corporation Web: http://www.ebsi.ie Email: info@ebsi.ie www.ebsi.ie 16 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Recent Events Demand for eBSI experts to deliver seminars and attend conferences around the world has grown in 2009, here is a brief overview of some of our more notable appearances since last issue! Prague, Czech Republic eBSI Finance Tutor, Pavel Andrle and ICC Bahrain expert Pradip Taneja delivered a training seminar on UCP 600 and ISBP 681 for ICC Czech Republic on 6 February 2009 in Prague Czech Republic. Mr Pavel Andrle and Pradip Taneja with participants of the seminar. Amman, Jordan As part of the IFC Global Trade Facilitation Program a seminar on Trade Finance was delivered in Arabic in Amman Jordan by eBSI consultant Khalil Matar, who works as Regional Head of Operations with National Bank of Abu Dhabi in Sudan. Khalil Matar with IFC?s Astou Sylla and participants at the IFC Trade Finance Seminar held in Amman, Jordan, 15-17 March 2009 Coutonou, Benin A Trade Finance Workshop was organised by IFC GTFP Program in Cotonou, Benin. The workshop was delivered by eBSI French Language Consultant Monique Philippe and was held on 18-22 May 2009. Monique Philippe with successful participants in Cotonou, Benin, May 2009 www.ebsi.ie 17 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Recent Events Kampala, Uganda A week long Trade Finance Operations Seminar was delivered on behalf of the IFC in Kampala, from 25-29 May 2009. The training which was conducted in English for local issuing banks in the region was delivered by eBSI Consultant Pavel Andrle. Makiko Toyoda of IFC, Toshinori Doi representing the Government of Japan who supported the training and Pavel Andrle with participants of the Trade Finance Training Program in Kampala, Uganda. Douala, Cameroon A Week long Trade Finance Operations Seminar was delivered on behalf of the IFC in Douala from 25-29 May 2009 and delivered by eBSI Consultant Mrs. Monique Philippe. The seminar was delivered for Cameroonian Issuing Banks under the IFC GTFP and funded by the Government of Japan. Monique Philippe with Cameroon bank participants at the seminar in Douala. Karachi, Pakistan A new workshop focused on selling Trade Finance Products was delivered on behalf of IFC by Vincent O?Brien in Karachi, Pakistan on 9-10 June 2009. This new workshop has a particular focus on practical interaction and roll play and also demonstrated methodologies for cross selling trade finance products. Shezad Sharjeel IFC and Vincent O?Brien with ?Trade Sales? workshop participants. www.ebsi.ie 18 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Recent Events Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo Following the success of our first workshop in DRC, a second Trade Finance Operations Workshop was delivered on behalf of the IFC in Kinshasa, from 29 September to 3 October 2009. The training was conducted in French for local issuing banks in the region was delivered by eBSI Consultant Monique Philippe. Monique Philippe and Gimhani Talwatte of IFC with participants of the DRC seminar. Kiev, Ukraine The first of a new series of workshops on Preventing Trade Finance Fraud was launched by the EBRD in Kiev on 14 & 15 October 2009. This workshop is the first in a series of 14 Seminars to be delivered in EBRD countries of Operation. Vincent O?Brien with Participants in Kiev at Certificate conferring ceremony. October 2009 Singapore A Trade Finance Workshop was organised by Singapore Business Federation on UCP600 Best Practices. The workshop was delivered by eBSI Finance Tutor, Pavel Andrle and was held on 30 October 2009. Pavel Andrle, eBSI Finance Tutor with successful participants at the ?UCP 600 Best practices? workshop in Singapore on 30 October 2009 www.ebsi.ie 19 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Recent Events Minsk, Belarus The second workshop on Preventing Trade Finance Fraud was delivered on behalf of EBRD by Vincent O?Brien in Minsk, Belarus on 1 & 2 December 2009. This case study based workshop looked at a wide variety of transactions and ways of identifying fraudulent patterns in those transactions. Vincent O?Brien with participants from Belarussian Banks at the certificate conferring ceremony upon completion of the Preventing Trade Finance Fraud Workshop in Minsk. Tbilisi, Georgia Continuing the EBRD project in delivering workshops in the Prevention of Trade Finance Fraud, a 2 day workshop was delivered by Vincent O?Brien in Tbilisi rd th Georgia on the 3 and 4 of December 2009. Vincent O?Brien with Georgian Bankers who successfully completed the Prevention of Trade Finance Fraud workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia. Dakar, Senegal A French language extended workshop focused on selling Trade Finance Products was delivered on behalf of IFC by Monique Philippe and Jean Louis Lemaire in Dakar, Senegal from 7-11 December 2009. This new workshop has a particular focus on practical interaction and roll play and also demonstrated methodologies for cross selling trade finance products. Jean Louis Lemaire and Monique Philippe with ?Trade Sales? workshop participants. www.ebsi.ie 20 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI eBSI Recent Events Baku, Azerbaijan Continuing the series of Prevention of Trade Finance Fraud Workshops on behalf th of the EBRD, Vincent O?Brien visited Baku to deliver a 2 day session on the 7 & th 8 of December 2009. Vincent O?Brien & Azeri Bankers in Baku, following Certificate conferring ceremony. Almaty, Kazakhstan Immediately following the Baku Workshop eBSI?s series of Prevention of Trade Finance Fraud Workshops culminated for 2009 in Almaty, Kazakhstan with a workshop delivered by Vincent O?Brien on 10 & 11 December 2009. Five workshops done? nine to go in 2010! Vincent O?Brien with Participants in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 10-11 December 2009 Bujumbura, Burundi A French Language Basic to Intermediate level Trade Finance Operations Seminar was organised by IFC in Bujumbura, Burundi on 14-18 December 2009. The practical seminar aimed at Trade Finance Operations Staff was delivered by eBSI Consultant Monique Philippe. Monique Philippe, eBSI consultant with successful participants at the ?Trade Finance Operations? seminar in Bujumbura on 14-18 December 2009. Are You a National of an Emerging Market? Would you like to Develop a Career in International Trade? If you said YES to these two questions you may apply for and be eligible to up to 60% grant financial support toward the cost of the certified programmes listed in this advertisement! ? Certificate in Finance Contact us for more details: ? International Trade Specialist The electronic Business School International Accreditation Tel: +353 94 9381444 Fax: +353 94 9381708 ? Diploma in Export Operations Web: http://www.ebsi.ie Email: info@ebsi.ie www.ebsi.ie 21 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief Trade Finance Seminar eBSI IDB Washington DC, USA A 2 day Trade Finance workshop was organised by Inter-American Development Bank and delivered by Vincent O?Brien of eBSI on 31 August ? 1 September 2009. This was the first formal training delivered by eBSI to IADB who became the fourth multilateral development bank to choose eBSI as a trade finance training provider. The objective of this trade finance workshop is to provide participants with the required tools to understand and analyse corporate customers trade finance needs so that they can provide trade finance solutions which match the customers needs and in turn generate continuing lines of income for their respective banks. The workshop was designed to guide the participants through the typical trading cycle identifying the correct trade product for different stages and situations and how to apply them. Participants from the regional offices of the IADB joined the staff at head quarters for this two day training program. Trade Finance Operations Program Outline The Trade Finance Operations seminar focused on the following areas in order to ensure first of all a proper understanding of the spectrum of trade finance products a bank can offer and how to manage them. Below is a summary of topics covered: * Benefits to Banks from International Trade Services. * Essentials to develop International Trade Services. * Payment and Risk Categories. * Understanding customers contracting requirements * Concise summary of Incoterms 2000 * Risk Analysis of Trade Products * Documentary Collection in Detail. * Managing Export Collections * Fundamentals of Documentary Credits * Types of Letter of Credit * Standby Letter of Credit * Bonds and Guarantees * Implications for Bank Customers * ICC Rules for the Issuance of Bonds and Guarantees * Receivables and Supply Chain Financing * Forfaiting * Factoring Vincent O?Brien delivering the Trade Finance Training in * Invoice Discounting Washington DC for IADB * Warehouse Finance International Trade Certified Training Programmes Programme Intakes every two months from January & March 2009 ? Certificate in Logistics ? Certificate in Finance ? ITS Accreditation ? Advanced Certificate in Delivered exclusively by: International Trade & Logistics The electronic Business School International ? Diploma in Export Operations Tel: +353 94 9381444 Fax: +353 94 9381708 ? Certified Courses in Shipping Web: http://www.ebsi.ie Email: info@ebsi.ie www.ebsi.ie 22 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief eBSI Doing Business in? Russia The technology industry, amongst others, in Russia is thriving and it is attracting a substantial part of Government development funds. As the second largest country in the world the Russian Federation (RF) is a country full of opportunities: imports in several sectors have been growing steadily over the last few years , besides the exports, which are mainly related to the oil and gas sector. Expert Profile Name: Gianfranco Piroli At the same time, the geographical area, which covers around 17 million km², the Position: Senior Aftermarket Manager, EMEA Employer: Axcelis Technologies difficult access to vast areas and the low density of the population may represent Location: Milan, Italy remarkable challenges in accessing Russia. Bureaucratic hurdles and a poor Specialisation: Supply Chain Management infrastructure can complicate the logistic processes even further. It goes without Contact: g_pirol@hotmail.com saying that logistics plays a vital role in any export marketing plan: a careful and effective strategy often dictates the overall success for a foreign firm in Russia. In the following 7 points, I will share some simple and effective advice with all logistics professionals who are starting to get involved with Russia. Exporters planning on entering the Russian market should note the following: ?Local? logistic partners: in the beginning rely on a well established international logistic services provider. If this is your first ?approach? to the RF, it is highly advisable to access the country via one of the several international 3 or 4PLs that are have operations in Russia. Legal entity: unless it is required by the specific circumstances, avoid establishing your own legal entity before knowing the total cost (which can represents a very large slice of your first year's gross revenue). Without a certain follow up business, a direct approach from day one may be costly and difficult to manage. You may want to contact one of the several international business consultancies: for a relatively small fee you will get a flavor of the challenges related to establishing and running a local presence in Russia. Payment terms: it is recommendable to start with payment in advance when possible, also due to bureaucratic banking procedures for international payments. Reliable Russian enterprises are usually aware of such difficulties and accept PIA terms with no particular resistance for the first few orders. Later on you can decide whether to move on to more favorable payment terms (letter of credit or even open account if the customer has been thoroughly checked for creditworthiness). Delivery terms: it is advisable to start with EXW (ExWorks) when possible. EXW, combined with PIA, will allow you limit your risks, overcome some bureaucratic hurdles (usually unknown at the beginning) and identify trustworthy partners/customers. Total logistic cost: at the early stages of the operations, it is basically impossible to quantify what the total logistic cost will look like (especially for the expenses incurred in Russia like warehousing, import fee and charges, which are difficult to quantify with accuracy at the outset). In order to cover unforeseen costs, you have to be conservative when it comes to setting your price. Pricing policy: your mark-up should be commensurate to the level of support you are required to provide (from EXW to DDP). For a DDP package, the additional cost can be as much as 60-70% above the European cost (depending on characteristics and volumes of the product being exported). Exchange rate fluctuations: for enterprises trading in dollars or euro, it is advisable to hedge against fluctuations. Exchange rate volatility can work against you (or against the Customer), therefore affecting your business in any case. The customer will appreciate the necessity to add contractual clauses in order to provide both parties with a guarantee against currency swings above a certain level. There are also financial tools to hedge against exchange rate uncertainty: you should investigate them with your financial manager. In conclusion Russia will play a major role in the world economy over the next few years, especially after its entry in the WTO. Therefore Russia represents an opportunity not to be missed: at the same time all risks involved in such big logistic challenge should be carefully understood and planned for. Gianfranco Piroli holds a MA Degree in Law from the University of Siena (Italy) and a M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management from the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). Gianfranco has recently completed the ITS accreditation program with eBSI. Gianfranco has worked for several international companies (Hertz, IBM, Juniper Networks, and Ingersoll-Rand) before joining Axcelis Technologies in 2005. www.ebsi.ie 23 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL TradeBrief Events eBSI Upcoming Global Trade Review The world?s leading international trade finance and export finance magazine. 7th Annual Middle 4rd Annual Turkey 4rd Annual Africa 6th Annual India East Trade & Export Trade & Export Trade & Investment Trade & Export Finance Finance Conference Conference Finance Conference February 16-17, 2010 March 17-18, 2009 March 9 - 10, 2009 March 3, 2009 Jumeirah Beach Hotel Moevenpick Hotel Table Bay Hotel At the ITC Grand Central, emeafinance Dubai, United Arab Istanbul, Waterfront, Cape Mumbai, India The complete Emirates Turkey Town, South Africa information source for the finance industry in the EMEA region. eBSI Upcoming Events: Competition! Worldwide: Intakes for eBSI elearning programs Win a copy of the eBSI Trade & Customs Practice 15 March and 17 May 2010 Course compliments of Country Specific: China Systems. Dubai, UAE ? GTR Conference In order to win, simply 16-17 February 2010 forward this Ezine to your London, United Kingdom ? EBRD training on Trade Finance friends and colleagues and 24 February 2010 ask them to subscribe to TradeBrief! When they Mumbai, India ? GTR Trade & Export Finance Conference 10-12 March 2010 subscribe they should include your referring Washington DC, USA ? IFC GTFP Trade Finance Seminar email address so that you will both be entered into 10 March 2010 the draw! Beirut, Lebanon ? IFC Trade Sales Training 24 & 25 March 2010 What?s more, each referred email will be treated as an additional entry to the draw! Madagascar ? IFC Trade Products Training 12-16 April 2010 So refer 10 ezine subscribers and you will have 10 chances to win! Beijing, China ? ICC Banking Commission Meeting 20-24 April 2010 To subscribe to this quarterly ezine simply email TradeBrief@ebsi.ie and we will add you to our Istanbul, Turkey ? IFC Trade Finance conference 28 & 29 April 2010 subscriber list and add an entry to the draw for a free scholarship for our Trade & Customs Practice If you would like information on any of these events please email course Worth EUR 555! events@ebsi.ie and we will send you the relevant details. What?s more, you will remain in the draw for l bib h i! Certificate in Logistics Learn all you need to know about Transport and Logistics! ? Online Tutorials ? Certified by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport ? Includes Section on Logistics Customer Service ? Recognised Internationally Contact us for more details: ? Interactive self-paced learning The electronic Business School International ? 3 Written Assignments and 1 Online Exam Tel: +353 94 9381444 Fax: +353 94 9381708 Web: http://www.ebsi.ie Email: info@ebsi.ie www.ebsi.ie 24 ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL
Posted: 22 September 2011, last updated 24 September 2011

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