Global Sources top 20 electronics products (January 2013)

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Posted on: 6 Mar 2013

Importers kicked off 2013 eyeing Android and 3G/4G tablet PCs, 3G and smartphones, and various accessories for iDevices, including leather cases for iPad, spurred by pre-CES buzz on these products.

Android tablets generated 58 percent more inquiries in January 2013 to recover from a slow December. A YoY comparison underscores the popularity of the list's perennial number one, with inquiries jumping 93 percent.

Also in January, PC cases for iPhone and in-dash DVD players reentered the top 20 on the back of three-digit growth rates inquiry-wise.

Power banks was the sole category in the monthly list to receive fewer inquiries, retreating by a moderate 10 percent. The line, nevertheless, continues to rate well among Global Sources buyers. January 2013 numbers may have dropped MoM, but they are an astounding 2,400 percent higher from just a year ago.

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Posted: 06 March 2013

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