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Posted on: 30 Jan 2013

One of the most prolific investment areas in Romanian industry is the renewable energy sector. The number of wind farms, solar photovoltaic parks and hydro power projects is continuously increasing due to a couple of factors which cannot be conveniently ignored.  The first reason for such a spectacular development on the renewable resources market lies within the unexplored energy potential of this territory. The Romanian renewable energy sector remained uncharted due to utterly confusing economic evolutions which did not give a real chance to prospect these alternative energy resources. In recent years the economic department managed to record significant positive changes allowing, in this manner, the exploration of various new options.

The second notable fact that clearly determined the sudden development of the green energy Romania sector is probably the financial scheme which encourages investors in this area. In Romania, investors may receive financial aid twice higher than in other European countries. Even if the legal background for these types of projects is not entirely perfected, business people manage to focus only on positive aspects. The regulatory framework and the incentive system played a crucial role in the rapid process of development of this specific field. On the national level, the main advantage of the incentive functionality comes from the green certificate support scheme. Romania’s accession to the EU also strongly contributed to encouraging investments in this area. The European Union provides financial support for these purposes through various programs especially adapted to this industry domain.

Renewable Energy Projects for Sale
Being strongly familiar with all legal aspects regarding the renewable energy projects Romania, we decided to rigorously select the most prominent and profitable options that we identified on the market in order to provide our clients with an additional investing opportunity. We offer for sale a set of wind farms, solar photovoltaic parks and hydro power projects which are already functional and perfectly usable. If interested to purchase such a project we can provide you with all necessary details and, as well, with a strong guarantee for the safety of the transaction.

Posted: 30 January 2013

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