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Type of Production
Industrial production has witnessed an unprecedented growth in Emirates by contributing today 14% of the GDP.
In Abu Dhabi the dominant industries are petroleum and petrochemicals, gas processing, desalinisation of sea water and electricity production. In Dubai and Sharjah, the industrial production is more diversified. Petrochemical and chemicals, metallurgy (aluminium), agro products, paper and textile industries are found. Ras el Khaimah has cement plant, marble works and a pharmaceutical plant. The small scale industry has developed.

Type of Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers
This type of industry is still less present in Emirates. Emirates is still quite specialised in the field of small scale industries.
Original Design Manufacturers
ODM are growing in Emirates especially in the field of large public equipment and informatics. Foxconn, Flextronics, Quanta dominate the market.
The development of the manufacturing sector is quite recent and the Emirates are not recognised as far as sub-contractors are concerned. The subcontractor is mainly reserved for the construction sector. Indian and Asian companies sub-contract certain work sites like that of Burj el Arab in Dubai. It can however be expected that this trend can be modified given the important incentives to this sector from the government and the highly profitable conditions in the Free zones.
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