Aerospace Industry in Finland

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  • Defense Market Overview

    Finland’s total defense budget for 2011 is $3.7 billion (EUR 2.8 billion) representing 5.7 percent of total government expenditure and 1.5 percent of GDP. The Finnish defense forces spent $928 million (EUR 700 million) on defense equipment and materiel procurement in 2010, which is about 26 percent of the total...

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  • An Overview of the Aerospace Market

    The Finnish market for aircraft and aircraft parts in 2009 was around $965 million. The market for aircraft parts was valued at $323 million. Aircraft parts imported from the U.S. included propellers, rotors, landing gear and their parts. The U.S. holds a market share of 36 percent of the aircraft parts market.

    U.S. Commercial Service on 20 Apr 2011 related to Aerospace in Finland

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