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An Expert's View about Medical, Health and Cosmetics Products in Mexico

Posted on: 30 Jun 2012

Mexico imported medical equipment, instruments, disposable and dental products worth US $3.5 billion in 2010.

Medical Devices A Top Export Prospect for Mexico June 2012 Overview Mexico imported medical equipment, instruments, disposable and dental products worth US $3.5 billion in 2010. This represented 90 percent of the medical equipment and instrument market and 2 percent of the disposables. Of these imports 57 %, or US$ 2 billion, were of U.S. origin. The main foreign suppliers of medical devices are Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea and UK. U.S. medical products are highly regarded in Mexico due to their high quality, after sales service, and price point compared to competing products of similar quality. Consequently, U.S. medical equipment and instruments have a competitive advantage and are in high demand in Mexico. Public health care institutions account for 70 – 80 percent of total medical services provided nationwide while private health care institutions cover approximately 25-30 percent of the Mexican population, including 32 million people with private medical and accident insurance. In 2007, Mexico had 3,140 accredited private hospitals, of which only 80 had more than 50 beds and the capacity to offer highly specialized services. Best Prospects/Services Best prospects include the following: • Anesthesia equipment • Defibrillators • Electrocardiographs • Electroencephalographers • Electro surgery equipment • Gamma ray equipment • Incubators • Lasers for surgery • MRI equipment • Patient monitors • Respiratory therapy equipment • Suction pumps Top cts Dev 2 US Export Prospe in Mexico 2012: Medical ices • Ultrasound equipment • X ray equipment Key factors in order to successfully compete are quality, after sales service, warranty and price. Opportunities and Challenges Most large public and private hospitals are regularly seeking the most modern and highly specialized medical devices. Some medium and small private hospitals with limited budgets buy used or refurbished equipment. However, public hospitals by law, cannot buy used or refurbished products. In order to reduce costs many public and private hospitals are outsourcing parts of their medical treatment services to companies that offer “integral surgery services”. This is delivered as a “pay per event”, which includes all the necessary products required to perform a surgery. As such, hospitals are able to avoid big capital investments in materials, pharmaceuticals, and instruments, and at the same time gain access to some of the most modern specialized surgical equipment. Most medical and health care products need to be registered with the Mexican Secretariat of Health (SSA) prior to sale or use in Mexico. In addition, foreign medical device manufactures require a legally appointed distributor/representative in Mexico responsible for the product and registration process. Lastly, there can be delays in receiving registration/marketing approvals from COFEPRIS. Resources Useful links for public institutions: • • • • For private hospitals: • • • • • • • • Top ects a 3 US Export Prosp in Mexico 2012: Medic l Devices For More Information Please contact Alicia Herrera, Commercial Specialist for medical devices at the U.S. Commercial Service in Mexico at or (11-52-55) 5140-2629. You can also visit our website at The U.S. Commercial Service — Your Global Business Partner With its network of offices across the United States and in more than 70 countries, the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce utilizes its global presence and international marketing expertise to help U.S. companies sell their products and services worldwide. Locate the U.S. Commercial Service trade specialist in the U.S. nearest you by visiting Disclaimer: The information provided in this report is intended to be of assistance to U.S. exporters. While we make every effort to ensure its accuracy, neither the United States government nor any of its employees make any representation as to the accuracy or completeness of information in this or any other United States government document. Readers are advised to independently verify any information prior to reliance thereon. The information provided in this report does not constitute legal advice. The Commercial Service reference to or inclusion of material by a non-U.S. Government entity in this document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by the Commercial Service of the entity, its materials, or its products or services International copyright, U.S. Department of Commerce, 2012. All rights reserved outside of the United States.
Posted: 30 June 2012

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