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Posted on: 24 Aug 2010

This report covers the government enterprise systems software industry in the UK.

Enterprise Systems ? Technology for Government Services The UK Government spends £17 billion pa on ICT products and services ? more than any other European government. The Government is an early adopter and key driver of UK business process and transformational outsourcing. Dynamic growth in shared services Initiatives in personalised services Shared services are being adopted fast by Local A major transformation in public service delivery Government for HR, fi nancial, procurement, revolves around the concept of self-directed revenues and benefi ts processes, especially services. For example in telecare the Department back-offi ce but increasingly front-offi ce. Central of Health spent £80m between 2006 and 2008 Government departments also are now moving in its ?Preventative Technology Grant?. to extend their scope in shared services. New market in green IT Outsourcing on the rise Both Local and Central Government expect Government spend on outsourcing approaches to increase green IT projects as hardware £100 billion pa (Local Government 32% and refreshes take place. Healthcare 28%). Education is the fastest growing spend ? the largest ever school buildings Supplier outsourcing opportunities investment programme aims to rebuild or renew Pressure to reduce direct supplier numbers virtually every secondary school in England. is creating opportunities for sub-contract outsourcing ? the top 20 suppliers account Mobile and fl exible working escalates for around £12 billion (70%) with a long tail Kable estimate that £1.8 billion pa spent on of over 1,000 suppliers for the remaining 30%. mobile and fl exible working represents 8% Top suppliers in UK enterprise of all public sector ICT spend. Emergency systems include: services and defence departments are the biggest spenders with the local government BT, HP, Fujitsu, CapGemini, IBM, Capita, Dell, market catching up by 2012. Serco, CSC, ComputaCenter, Logica, Microsoft, Atos Origin, Airwave Solutions, Research Machines, SCC, Cisco Systems, C&W. Government ICT Spend By Product Category in 2008/2009 Spend is substantial in every category of Government ICT procurement: £m Central Local Health Education Justice Defence Transport Total 2008/09 Gov?t Gov?t Hardware 294.1 673.0 250.4 1,003.0 305.9 338.9 47.2 2,912.5 Software 205.6 514.7 263.6 265.0 299.6 315.4 63.9 1,927.8 Services 2,793.3 791.8 1,070.7 289.7 1,090.7 1,061.6 279.7 7,377.4 Communications 174.7 588.3 284.4 253.0 453.3 277.7 61.1 2,042.4 Staff 227.3 1,385.7 588.2 858.0 225.2 68.4 28.0 3,350.7 Total 3,694.9 3,953.5 2,427.2 2,668.7 2,374.7 2,012.0 480.0 17,610.9 Source: Kable UKT-100470 Enterprise System Sector Sheets 2pp v2 AW.indd 1 22/1/10 16:29:10 ?T he potential talent pool is larger in Beijing or Bangalore. But in the creative, more high end stuff, we still have the edge. Cambridge is a global brand ? scientists around the world have heard about and feel it is a cool place to be.? Andrew Herbert Head of Microsoft?s Research Centre in Cambridge UKT-100470 Enterprise System Sector Sheets 2pp v2 AW.indd 2 22/1/10 16:29:10 Image: LCD Monitors in a service centre
Posted: 24 August 2010

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