An Expert's View about Oil And Gas Field Machinery in Canada

Posted on: 29 Nov 2012

Market Overview
Canada is the world's third largest producer of hydroelectricity and one of few countries to generate the majority of its electricity from water. As the province of British Columbia continues to grow, there has been a large movement to renew infrastructure and construct new projects that would produce clean renewable energy. BC Hydro forecasts that the province’s electrical demand will grow up to 40% over the next 20 years due to economic expansion and population increase. Untapped hydroelectric resources represent a valuable opportunity for American companies.

Although construction of the Site C Clean Energy Project is a couple of years away, US firms should consider ensuring their cost effective technologies and products are well ingrained in the local supply chain. Finding agents/distributors and strategic partners working on this project will open doors for US firms supplying products and services for hydro electricity. Main procurement needs include:
• Hydro power generation equipment and components
• Transmission lines: conductors and conductor stringing, shield wire and insulators and tower structures
• Construction and fabrication: Asphalt, cabling, cement, concrete, explosives, lumber, reinforcing steel, scaffolding, steel pipe, camp and office supplies, crane rental, haulage/transport, heavy pumps, safety supplies and equipment and small tools
• Geotechnical & maintenance services
• Labor: Bricklayers, carpenters, cement masons, electrical workers, floor layers, insulators, office and technical, painters, plasterers, plumbers and pipefitters, quality control, tile setters, and terrazzo workers

Site C Clean Energy Project
This project is the proposed construction of a third dam and hydroelectric generating station on Peace River in NE British Columbia, costing $7.9 billion. It is part of BC Hydro’s movement to renew British Columbia’s hydro-electrical system, and is projected to produce clean and renewable electricity for over 100 years, providing up to 1,100 megawatts of capacity and 5,100 Gigawatt hours of electricity each year. This project is now in the environmental and regulatory review stage and will be entering the planning and development stage next.
Key project components include an earthfill dam, a generating station, two new 500 kilovolt AC transmission lines, access roads in the vicinity of the site, construction of two temporary cofferdams and service camps.

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Posted: 29 November 2012

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