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An Expert's View about Food , Beverages and Tobacco in Panama

Posted on: 26 Apr 2012

Consumer Oriented Agricultural Products
Consumer oriented agricultural products constitute the most important sector. The primary
products are snack foods ($38.3 million), other consumer oriented products ($40.2 million),
processed fruits and vegetables ($27.1 million), and dairy products ($15.8 million). In most of
these categories, 2010 marks a forty-year high note for export levels.

Bulk Agricultural Products
High commodity prices and increased demand for yellow corn sent this category to an all time
high. Most important products are yellow corn ($69.9 million, all from the U.S.), wheat
($36.6 million, all from the U.S.), and “paddy” rice ($36.2 million, 99% from the U.S.).

Intermediate Agricultural Products
High demand for soybean meal ($57.5 million) continues to drive this sector, which is mainly
used for chicken and pork production. All soybean meal imports are from the U.S.

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Posted: 26 April 2012

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