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Posted on: 23 Aug 2010

When it comes to taking the financial temperature of today’s global economy, everyone is looking to the East. China is a powerhouse in terms of economic expansion, development, and ingenuity. That kind of growth and success is having a bleed-over affect onto other nearby markets. One of the foremost leading countries where entrepreneurs are choosing to register their business is Singapore.


Globalisation means business is always being done at any given hour of the day or night, and a Singapore company can give both geographic and strategic advantages.  Singapore’s location gives easy access to the greater Asia Pacific region and is also in a time zone that allows business day contact with other major trading regions such as the UK, Middle East and the US.


There are many things to take into consideration when you are registering a Singapore company. Singapore company formation also requires a number of steps.  For these reasons it is beneficial to have the guidance of an experienced corporate service company.  A professional advisor can assist in developing a suitable Singapore company structure for your business objectives and then manage the company registration process. If you are not living in the country, the company service provider can act on your behalf. Before beginning the setup process, an entrepreneur should have undertaken comprehensive research and developed a business plan, a market analysis and operational strategies including the details of directors for the company.


When you are registering a Singapore company, you will need to provide the required due diligence about your company. This can include your company’s address, details of resident director/s, financial details of projected expenses and annual revenues for the Singapore company. If the company is employing people in Singapore they will need to apply for suitable work visas. Appointing a resident director in Singapore is a legal requirement with Singapore Company registration. One advantage of using a good corporate services firm is that they can provide a resident director for your company.


Completing the process of registering your Singapore company, may also require application for licenses, depending on what the company’s activities. Another step is to open a corporate bank account in Singapore to keep the business funds. Singapore’s financial services sector is world class and is an efficient jurisdiction from which to manage international financial transactions.

While the process for Singapore Company registration does require specific steps to be completed and due diligence to be provided, the benefits can be highly rewarding.  Singapore is an ideal jurisdiction for international business operations.  Superb infrastructure and pro-business incentives/policies are the reasons why many entrepreneurs are registering their company in Singapore.

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Posted: 23 August 2010

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