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The “Accounting Standards” sections offer articles that discuss in detail the consumption taxes in a selected country. Discussions are about the name of consumption tax, the abbreviation used on invoices (whether sales tax, VAT, consumption tax or other), rates and products... Read more

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  • 2013 Tax Data

    JPA International

    A synthetic ready to print leaflet about the main taxation rules in force in France in 2013

    Posted on: 19 Jun 2013 A Business Tip By JPA

  • EU VAT Guide

    With 27 EU Member States, each with their own VAT legislation to consider, VAT can be a time consuming and confusing task for international business.

    Posted on: 24 Jan 2012 A Business Tip By Accordance

  • Ethiopian Legal Brief

    Updates on Ethiopian Law from Ethiopian Legal Brief ( one of the leading Ethiopian law blogs. Visit this blog to get free access and download Ethiopian Laws.

    Posted on: 28 Oct 2011 A Business Tip By Abrham Law Office

  • Trade Financing from Asia

    International trading needs International banking. When banks in some areas of the world are tightening their lending regulations, choose an area of the world where lending is easier!!

    Posted on: 27 Oct 2011 A Business Tip By Meridian Partners Limited

  • Tax-News newsfeed

    Latest Global Tax News from part of the Low-Tax network

    Last updated: 16 Jul 2011 A Business Tip By BSI-Media Limited (

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