International Trade in China

International Trade in China

The global recession interrupted China's dynamic of continuous growth. Chinese economy however showed itself very resilient to the crisis and its economic recovery surprised the observers by both its rapidity and its vigor. After the euphoria of the recovery, the GDP growth slowed down... Read more

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    Annex Asia Limited

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    Defon Heat Exchanger Co.Ltd

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  • Copernicus International Consulting Ltd
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  • China Trade Development Corp.

    China Trade Development Corp.

    Sales Agents, China

    China Trade Development Corp. is a full-service Asian trade consulting, market research, product sourcing, and export management firm...

Overview About International Trade in China

Main Industry Sectors

China has a highly diversified economy, dominated by the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

The agricultural sector employs almost 40% of the active population and contributes up to about 10% to the GDP, although only 15% of the Chinese soil (about 1.2 M km ˛) is arable. China is the most populated country in the world and one of the largest producers and consumers of agricultural produce. China is the leading global producer of cereals, rice, cotton, potatoes and tea. In terms of livestock, it also dominates sheep and pork livestock farming and the world's production of fish products.

The mining sector occupies an important place in the Chinese economy, since the country's subsoil is rich in energetic resources. China has significant coal reserves (the country's primary energy source), which account for two-thirds of the total primary energy consumption. It is the world leader in the production of certain ores (phosphate and titanium) and also has significant petrol and natural gas reserves. It is the world's fifth biggest oil producer with 3.8 million barrels a year.

The industry and the construction sectors contribute approximately half of China's GDP.

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