International Trade in the Czech Republic

International Trade in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic's economy is one of the most developed in Central and Eastern Europe. Its economic growth is strongly influenced by the demand on exports and foreign direct investment inflow. The country's GNP growth which was increasing steadily over the past few years, experienced a... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in the Czech Republic

Main Industry Sectors

The agricultural sector went through a serious crisis in the 90s and, even today, it is still heavily subsidized.  It generates approximately 2% of the country's GNP and employs more than 3% of the active population. The main agricultural products are sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, barley and hops. 


The production sector is mostly private, it accounts for almost 40% of the GNP and employs 40% of the active population.  The growth at the level of performance was parallel to the increase in manpower's productivity.  One of the main manufacturing sectors is the auto industry, with Skoda (Volkswagen company).  Foreign investors such as Toyota and PSA also started producing cars in the Czech Republic since 2005.  However, this sector has now reached a saturation point. Nearly 10,000 jobs were eliminated in 2009 because of the international crisis. The textile sector is becoming very dynamic. 

Services contribute to 60% of the GDP and employ more than half of the active population.  The tourism sector is booming, thanks to the city of Prague, in particular, which is a very attractive tourist center.


Economic Overview

The Czech Republic's economy is one of the most devel...

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