International Trade in Georgia

International Trade in Georgia

Georgia has an economy in transition, influenced by all the years of Soviet domination. Its relationships with its Caucasian neighbors, especially Russia, are sometimes sources of instability, as it was shown by the conflict in August 2008 in South Ossetia and in Abkhazia.  The war, along... Read more

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  • Albatros Shipping & Forwarding

    Albatros Shipping & Forwarding

    Customs Brokerage, Georgia

      Ship broking is one of the most promising and rapidly developing sector in the company. Being active ship agents for years we...


    Market Research, Georgia

    Who we are MRP-EURASIA - the Public Surveys and Market Research company for 33 countries in Central, Eastern Europe and Central...

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    Food/Agricultural Sales and Distribution, Georgia

    PRO FEED, INC. and affiliated company WIT GEORGIA, LTD. specialize in import, distribution & marketing of animal nutrition and...
  • Petrosa LTD.

    Petrosa LTD.

    Engineering Consulting, Georgia

    We are responsible for the marketing and technical sales of internationally known products from the highly reputed companies who have...

Overview About International Trade in Georgia

Main Industry Sectors

Agriculture contributes nearly 15% to the GDP but the yield is very low. The main agricultural products are wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, citrus fruits and other fruits, tobacco, wine grapes and rice.

Georgia is rich in minerals, especially manganese (mined mainly in Chiatura and Imeritia), copper, tungsten, marble, and oil. Even though Georgia has abundant hydroelectric energy, it needs to import a significant volume of its fuel. The construction of an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the center of the Black Sea at Supsa (in Georgia) is going to attract substantial foreign investment.

The industrial sector is less developed and includes mainly food processing in full expansion, manufacturing of transport equipment, electric motors, iron, steel, aircraft, chemical products and textiles. The industrial and mining sectors contribute around one third to the GDP.

The most dynamic sector is the services sector (particularly hotels, restaurants, transport and telecommunications), which contributes more than 50% to the GDP. Several beach resorts and spas that attract large numbers of tourists can be found along the Black Sea.  Tourism is one of the government's p...

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