International Trade in Indonesia

International Trade in Indonesia

Due to the unfavorable international economic situation, the Indonesian growth rate has evidently slowed down in 2009 (4.5%).  However, it has shown more resistance than its neighboring countries due to the low amount of exports on its economy and the importance of private consumption... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in Indonesia

Main Industry Sectors

The agricultural sector contributes to nearly 14% of the country's GDP and employs nearly 40% of the active population. Indonesia is one of the largest rubber producers in the world. Other major crops are rice, sugar cane, coffee, tea, tobacco, palm oil, coconuts and spices. Indonesia is the only Asian country to be an member of the OPEC to which it assures 5% of its production. However, it is still a net importer of oil. The country has great exploitable timber lands and mainly exports timber. 



Industries contribute to around half of the GDP. The industrial sector includes manufacturing of textiles, cement, chemical fertilizers, electronic products, rubber tires, clothing and shoes (most of these are for the American market). Wood processing is also a major activity.

The tertiary sector (financial institutions, transportation and communications) contributes to around 40% of the GDP. The banking sector is well-developed. The Islamic bank  Syariah  has expanded rapidly during these recent years. Tourism is a major source of revenue, however, the sector has suffered from terrorist threats and natural catastrophes.


Economic Overview

Due to the unfavorable internati...

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